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T.I. - Why You Wanna
Hey T.I.P pimpin
Hey shorty why you gotta act like that,......
I′m just tryin to be nice to you
T.I. - Why U Mad at Me
[T.I. Talking]
I got a question fo you hatin ass niggaz out......
Why you mad at me,Ay
Oh lame ass nigga why you mad at me
T.I. - Let Me Tell You Something
wanna be your man...
lady, let me tell you why...
i know what you thinking..first he......
his mind up right?
T.I. - My Air Forces
(T.I. talking)
Bet yall niggas don′t remember these......
Naw, I ain′t wit dem no mo...What they......

T.I. - Raw
You niggas ain′t raw
I don′t buy none a that bullshit you......
King you′ll never be, I can see you......
T.I. - Asap
Asap, asap, asap
Asap, asap, asap
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, you niggaz better exit
T.I. - Ready For Whatever
I think the price of fame cost to much
Hey these niggas talk to much
I′m ready for whatever
T.I. - Kingofdasouth
[Verse One]
I been a menace to society
Since when?
Since menace to society
T.I. - Dead And Gone
(feat. Justin Timberlake)

[Spoken - T.I.]
T.I. - My Type
Lets go... yall gon wish for a nigga like me......
(say goodbye to the badguy)

T.I. - Bezzle
(feat. Eightball, MJG, Bun B)

Stop the drop top like the bezzles in my......
T.I. - Bankhead
[T.I.:] Westside nigga (hey, hey, hey,......

I got my 44′s, and my dro, and my......
T.I. - Wit Me
Bitch! Put my dick on yo face, put my gun in......
Put my work in yo pussy, bitch don’t come on......
Bitch the weed til you slime, these niggas......
T.I. - King Back
[Excerpt from "Sting of The Serpent"]
And the prophecy read that
One day like the pheonix rose from the ashes......
That a boy will be born unto a family in the......
T.I. - Limelight
Look girl you sexy as you wanna be
But you just a wanna be
I can′t help ya
I don′t love ya
T.I. - Rubber Band Man

(You know yo folk be stayin down on the rode......
on up to duevall on up to Tennesse. a lot of......
T.I. - Get Loose
f/ Nelly

[T.I. talking]
Ay, I wanna see you dance like them girls in......
T.I. - Top Back
Haaaa... Mannie Fresh I got you nigga
I′m gonna show these niggaz what to do......
I′m shutting the whole block down
T.I. - Be Easy
Ay, where the piano at shawty?
Y′all ain′t neva seen a dope boy......
have you?
T.I. - Slide Show
(feat. John Legend)

[Verse One: T.I.]
When I think about all my time and all my......
T.I. - Bounce Like This
[Verse 1]
Chinchilla to the floor, Cigarillo full of......
White Benz double doors, I could change......
Blue Ferrari, red Bent, black truck on......
T.I. - Live Your Life
You′re gonna be a shining star
Your fancy clothes, your fancy ca-ars
And then you′ll see, you′re......
′Cause everyone knows who you a-are
T.I. - Da Dopeman
Look at this little nigga, man
Ay T.I. is that really you man?
Yeah shawty, what′s happenin′?
Ay man can you give me a ride home, man?
T.I. - Get Ya Shit Together
f/ Lil′ Kim

[Intro - T.I. talking]
As you see the O.G.s from Grand Hustle done......
T.I. - 56 Bars (Intro)
[Intro: T.I.]
Yeahhhhh (hey!)
Hahaha, hey, hey, ha (all right)
Aight Toomp man, this what the folks been......
T.I. - Whatever You Like
You know them old sugar daddies
They be tricking they tell them girls
I said you can have whatever you like
I said you can have whatever you like
T.I. - No Matter What
Yeah, yeah, yeah, aye,
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo,
I say still I stand
And shawty here I am
T.I. - Every Chance I Get
[Intro: T.I.]
Real talk, true story (uh-huh)
No nuts, no glory (uh-uh)
Y′knowmsayin? (Real talk)
T.I. - Swing Ya Rag
(feat. Swizz Beatz)

[Intro: Swizz Beatz]
WOOOOOO!!!!!! Swizzy!!!
T.I. - What They Do
Yeah..Yeah..Ya′ll already know what it......
T.I.P., king of the motherfuckin south
BGizzzy, lets do it homie

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