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T-Pain - Dance Floor
I got the hat, I got the shoes, I got the......
I go outside and pick the right I′m......
But right before I hit the streets
T-Pain - Shawty
[plies talkin:]
What′s happenin homie dis ya boy plies......
Bout your shawty ima tel em bout mine

T-Pain - Studio Luv
In the studio, in the studio
Studio oh, oh
Girl just close your eyes
T-Pain - Hey Baby
So listen up
Let her go, lalala
Baby girl wanna play, let her go
Said let her go, lalala
T-Pain - My Place
How many times have I told you love you?
Don′t seem to change a thing
Girl you′re not the same
T-Pain - She Said
1, 2, 3, 4
Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe
Come, don′t stop
T-Pain - Ridge Road

T-Pain - U Got Me
(feat. Akon)
New York City
All in Los Angeles California
From the drive lanes to the open seas baby
T-Pain - Bartender
[Intro - T-Pain]
T-Pain - Freeze
[T-Pain Talkin′]
Haha, I get it down on the dance floor
Watch this, hey
You don′t even know girl
T-Pain - All The Above
Tell me what do you see
When you looking at me (woooahhhh)
On a mission to be
T-Pain - Ur Not The Same
Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......
Ohohohohohhhhhhh ohhhhoohhhhhhhh
[Verse 1 - T Pain]
T-Pain - Fly Away
I wish I can grow some wings
And get up out of this situation
I do it with no hesitation, yeah
I wish I can know those things
T-Pain - Let′s Get It On
Let′s Get It on Tonight [Rpt 4x]
[Verse 1:]
It seems as if you just talkin it and......
I can feel you clenchin got yo body flinchin......
T-Pain - Can′t Believe It
She make me feel so good, better than i......
If i was with someobody else.
U dont understand
She make the people say yeeeeahhhhhh,......
T-Pain - Best Love Song (Ft. Chris Brown)
turn off the past, turn off the trouble,
i’m about to take you to a whole other......
dj turn off what you’re playing,
i want the whole club to hear what i’m......
T-Pain - Blow Ya Mind
Its dark in here, its hot in here (Girl what......
Baby stop, not in here(I got a presidential......
baby why don′t we just get outta here......
T-Pain - I′m Sprung
I′m Sprung...(I′m sprung)
Now that she got me...
Got me doin thing′s I′ll never......
T-Pain - I′m In Love With A Stripper

Goddamn Lil Mama
U know u thick as hell u know what im sayin
T-Pain - I′m Sprung 2
eat. Youngbloodz, Trick Daddy)

T-Pain - Buy U A Drank (Shawty......
[t-pain] (yung joc)
Shawty snap yeah
T-Pain - Going Thru A Lot
(feat. Bone Crusher)

Konvict Muzic... it′s time to do it
T-Pain - Say It
Pull up to my crib in ya black Range Rova
I got some plans that don′t involve my......
Get out and walk up slowly
Lemme see your new Menolo′s

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Ur Not The Same — [T-Pain] (28.10.2012)
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