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Ozzy Osbourne - Let It Die
I′m a rockstar, I′m a dealer
I′m a servant, I′m a leader
I′m a saviour, i′m a sinner,......
I′ll be anything you want me to be
Ozzy Osbourne - Let me hear you scream
Let me hear you scream!
I′m black and bruised, beat up but......
′Cause all I need is blood and sweat......
I′ll take this bait, resolve your......
Ozzy Osbourne - Fearless
No prayers left
For heroes
The dead wont see the ending
War started
Ozzy Osbourne - Latimer′s Mercy
Another day, another full seizure,
Another pill, you spiral down deeper,
Another cut by a surgical butcher,
It′s just a way of prolonging the......
Ozzy Osbourne - Life Won′t Wait
I watch it all change the news of the day......
Time will kill all the pain faith will cure......
us together
Stay strong stay true be brave - it comes......
Ozzy Osbourne - Diggin′ Me Down
You′re saving the saved, men and women......
Propagating the messiah conception
The rich getting richer, paint you into......
Give the poor immaculate deception
Ozzy Osbourne - I Want It More
Life is not eternal,
It′s sane and then a freak show,
It′s all we have until it′s all......

Ozzy Osbourne - I Love You All
We all must stand together now
Or one by one we fall

For all these years you stood by me
Ozzy Osbourne - Time
The time has come for you to make up your......
Stop looking for the answers that......
Save all your tears for when you really need......
Don′t wish your life away to spread......
Ozzy Osbourne - Soul Sucker
The cold words deafen
And silence long forgotten
The logic never reclaimed

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