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One Night Only - Sweet Sugar
I was walking up a beaten track, I had the......
Sugar in my mouth a feeling, some thing in......
A feeling, I didn’t care about, I didn’t......

One Night Only - You And Me
People say i only hear what i want to
that much is true
people say i only see what i want to
then how come i see you
One Night Only - Time
Go, you don′t have to feel alone
Time, does not have to be on your side
When you know home, is not very far away.

One Night Only - Start Over
What would you do if he said to keep up your......
Would you change your mind and go back......
I’d wish you’d want to
What do you think we should do now we’re......
One Night Only - Just for Tonight
Way across the plains
the lights spell out a code
no one knows where they take us
but we′ll search till we grow old
One Night Only - Hide
Here old friend
Come over
And tell me a joke
Why don′t you
One Night Only - Stay at Home
Stay at home tonight
Please give me one night
I wish I could use your eyes to see what its......
But something else was on my mind
One Night Only - Nintendo
Come back down, la oh oh
You can find where we are
Life slips by, on an absent mind
You still smile, and it picks me up
One Night Only - Say You Don′t Want It
Talk all the talk with a poet’s style
Tongue like electric, eyes like a child
Buy only wives and the classic cars
Live like a saviour, live like the stars
One Night Only - It′s About Time
So many new faces
Familiar places
But I found my tracks to their hearts
And all the people I already know
One Night Only - He′s There
They started a fire, started a fire
To change those tears to smiles
I′ll give you something which isn’t......
But I’m sure somehow we′ll be in touch

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