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One Chance - Nuborn
You no I did you wrong and everything but I
I just want u to know that I need you back......
want u back wit me you no what I′m......
One Chance - Private
(feat. Akon)

Oc Ha Its About To Get Hot U.S Ha Its About......
One Chance - Look At Her
One Chance..
What′s happenin′
Ay. Fabo!
What′s happenin′
One Chance - No Brainer
[Verse 1:]
How could you see a girl so fine and
Not push up
How could you finally win her heart and
One Chance - Take A Chance
(feat. Official)

I can′t understand what I′m......
One Chance - So Emotional
aye hold on
what you talkin bout man
One Chance - Could This Be Love
(Corner boys)
could, could,could this be love x3
The first time I saw you girl, I knew that
You′d be the one to change my world
One Chance - Make Up Sex
(feat. Usher)

[Verse 1:]
Baby Wait,
One Chance - Just Like
Just like
Just like

It′s been a couple months since......
One Chance - Issues
It′s tearin me apart
Everytime I realize
What we used to have is finished
And what i wouldn′t give
One Chance - Get On Top
(feat. Plies)

[Plies: Talking]
Ay What′s Happenin′ Baby
One Chance - Turn Back The Time
I was never meanin to do it
How could I ever be so foolish
To throw away what was proven
Never really thought about living my life......
One Chance - My Word
Hello, yeah it′s me... no no.........

[Verse 1:]
One Chance - Look At Her (R&B Remix)
(feat. Lloyd, Bobby Valentino & Trey Songz)

Aye Aye
she bad(aye)
One Chance - I′m Not Tryina Hurt You
Now, If I Told You I Had To Leave Would You......
Would You Still Hug Me? When I Was Gone......
To A Frown? Or Would You Think Of The Days......
One Chance - Don′t Stop
[Verse 1:]
i was runnin after women, women all the time......
hittin it and quitin it that was me
settling down never crossed my mind
One Chance - You′re My
You can be my homie, my ace, my friend and
You can be my start, my middle, my end
You could be my pillow, my cover, my bed
Or you could be my drink that I′m......
One Chance - Flatline
My hearts starts to beat alittle slower
Every time shes walks out
I know it might be the last time
I ever see her face again
One Chance - U Can′t
(feat. Lil Wayne)
Yeah Jo
Oh Oh Oh, Crunk like the hemi Can′t......
One Chance - That′s My Word
On Everything
You know I hurt you when I lied to you
So bogus Baby
One Chance - I′m That Nigga
Girl I′m that nigga 8x

Girl you fine like a motha (oo yea)
Oo damn you fine like a motha (oo yea)

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Flatline — [One Chance] (28.10.2012)
I′m That Nigga — [One Chance] (28.10.2012)
That′s My Word — [One Chance] (28.10.2012)

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