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Oceana - The Accountable (текст песни)

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The Accountable

The truth is found
six feet underground
or laying at the bottom of the sea.

After all who tought it would come to this, come down to this. x2

Yet misguided truths are right here within these walls.
And to speak of them is a sin against the ones you swear to the most.
So everyone knows the truth. x4

To purge ones self in a such a misleading way is just a shame.
To purge ones self in a such a misleading way, a mile away.

So sit and wait, and lose all we′ve ever hoped. x3

As pages turn and days go by, you only wither away.
You only wither to the tale of time

@ Oceana

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Испонитель: Oceana
Название песни: The Accountable
Количество просмотров: 93
Количество сообщений: 0

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