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Oceana - Mother Love (текст песни)

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Mother Love

Fear love.
A failure to nothing but an empty shape.
We collide and we′re dead on.

Are you tired enough?
I think I hurt your head enough.
Bruising me the first touch.
Well fall asleep.
Well close it up.
Count the days till you get rid of me.
Till I fall asleep.
I am meaningless.
Endlessly you feel fine if you could bury me.
Six feet underneath.
I won′t see it.
And now I′m recklessly ending it
as it falls from the stage to the floor.
The day ends when I say it does.
I′m afraid of him.
I′m afraid of him.

My mother sings when she′s afraid of me because I hurt her more.
More than the son she sees.
It scares her half to death.
My father sings when he′s afraid of me because I hurt him more.
More than the son he sees.
It scares us all to death

@ Oceana

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Испонитель: Oceana
Название песни: Mother Love
Количество просмотров: 129
Количество сообщений: 0

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