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Oceana - Boa (текст песни)

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If i was fearing the world,
I′d be generous.
In habit, the world seems to feed what I need.
And in a separating ground pulled apart from me,
I erase everything.
When we were first born,
the liquid covered our bodies it got harder to breathe.
Without a clue in the world,
our Fathers poisoned their wives.
And the life that he made for me,
are you afraid of us?
This isn′t a place for us.
Your body is surely as sad as can be.
Wish I could feel again.
The sadness will never end.
Invited forever we sleep.
Hail deliverer the skin will peel off of me.

If I hadn′t meant to live?
What would I give?
I had a part of you.
You were a part of me.
And now it doesn′t exist.
In Hell we decide.

I′m hiding in the lines of the sand with the old blood.
I′m dying and living alone in a home with nothing,
I′m nothing and I mean it
and I saw the afterlife
you had a reason to be.
And now their all alone.
We′ll all be living and if they eat us,
they′ll only show us their life is broken in pairs,
with the old love I′m extending my way,
as a full blood in this life

@ Oceana

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Испонитель: Oceana
Название песни: Boa
Количество просмотров: 78
Количество сообщений: 0

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