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Oblivion Dust - Remains
The more we live, the more we......
A walking corplse, so senseless and......
I made it
A mayday come
Oblivion Dust - Forever
Alone again
Demo minna onaji sa
Nana-jyuu paasento no naka de oboreteirunda
Broken youth
Oblivion Dust - Sneer
well I really was sinking /in desire / Feel......
You need direction >> Try and pick up the......

>> oh how quickly we can fall /but......
Oblivion Dust - Waiting For God
I hope in faith I leave no trace
Pray for the blind, Stay undefined
Time is a debt, I have regrets
I know the truth, not bulletproof
Oblivion Dust - Pure
Stab it in me
Got so little to hold onto

Oblivion Dust - Again
Call my name, call me all of the time
Another way to pollute the air around me......
Feed me lies, feed me all of your lies
I never notice, I never ever really had......
Oblivion Dust - S.O.S
These are words that you say to me
You′re confused and you′re so......

Everyday you′re part of me
Oblivion Dust - Disappear
Come a little closer to me
Hurt is in motion with me
Calling out for all the things
that I never had, never want, never need
Oblivion Dust - Therapy
I am so bored of life
I want neon lights fixed to my electric......
I am so bored of life that I feel......
Can I become your friend?
Oblivion Dust - Sinking
The X-ray is on
They see through my mind
And I can hear you say stop
(Why?... Why?...)
Oblivion Dust - 30
Lights out girl I′m coming in
I can′t talk but I can sing to you

So paralysed and moving
Oblivion Dust - Crazy
Ano toki Kanjiteta
Kimi no Hikari o
Ima demo Sagashite iru yo

Oblivion Dust - 24 Hour Buzz
I need adrenaline
I need love
The skin I′m in is breaking up
I need something to satisfy my lust before I......
Oblivion Dust - Come Alive
I know you don′t realise
that the way I feel is so new to me

Today I′m so happy
Oblivion Dust - Black Tongue
The lights that shine in your eyes
Just keep me shadowed, underneath and scared......
I′m never gonna fight
Image, open wound, synthetic stain
Oblivion Dust - In My Head
Time to empty head
Try and dream instead
Let memory trip and finally slip
Like acid in milk
Oblivion Dust - Future Womb
I′m pitifully delicate
Lost in no one else′s space but mine
I′m floating around
I′m loaded up on uncut hurt
Oblivion Dust - Erase
I bought a breakdown torn out paper cut......
To find another rejection
Ever lasting phases
A fake smile to chase some cheap affection
Oblivion Dust - No Regrets
I did myself damage, I know I did it by......
Filled myself with rubbish, I know I did it,......
I did all this and more and wondered who to......
But I can′t pretend anymore, I did the......
Oblivion Dust - Next Big Thing
Something that′s innocent
Is still something that makes me cry
No wonder
Oblivion Dust - Sucker
Stop me from dreaming
A sigh is deceiving
Believing is easy, but there′s nothing......

Oblivion Dust - Selfish
It′s alright...

There′s nothing else to say yeah
I love you is a cliche
Oblivion Dust - Crawl
I woke up thinking how I′ve never had......
I seem to lack the kind of life that......
I gotta have it, I gotta have it
The perfect feeling that everybody has
Oblivion Dust - Trust
Move onto you undetected
Think that it′s time that you should......
Locate the melody if you can
Droppping like superstars from heaven
Oblivion Dust - Falling
Tell me your secrets
Tell me your secret
Is it lie, lie, lies?
And give me a whisper that disappears like a......
Oblivion Dust - Numb
Find me some time to believe in me

The cages that we adore
Keeps us cold
Oblivion Dust - Faces Of You
A clean dose
Anti adrenaline
A new breed
A special specimen
Oblivion Dust - Goodbye
Kowarekaketa hibi Tsukurinaoseba ii
I′m breaking down
To live forever
Chikadzuku nara ima Kimi to boku to de
Oblivion Dust - Parasite
My way, your way
I don′t give a fuck or nothing
to no one. Parasite
My way, your way;
Oblivion Dust - Hello
Hello You are coming through to my world now......
Hello You are coming through to my world now......

You′re stuck filled up with emptiness

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