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Obituary - Download
Face yourself in
Burns with fortune.
Comes with the falling rain.
Peels down, racist game.
Obituary - Inverted
The feeling contends, once kind.
Violence starts, won′t cease.
Vengeance comes. Want rewards.
The servant starts piercing chores.
Obituary - Sickness
.. live or die
Let them live in pain
As I look to the right
I see the horror filled within
Obituary - Slowly We Rot
Kill all. Fight hell. Lesions fighting love.......
Fight them all in a living hell.
Slowly rot and you die.
You fight death as you′ll realize.
Obituary - Dying
We′re dying
For our souls to learn
We′re dying
For our souls to burn
Obituary - Intoxicated
Robbed of the soul. Live in hell.
Rise above the charred believings′......
Rise above the soul′s chalky chains.
Give the destiny what it′s named.
Obituary - Gates to Hell
I know that in the depths beneath

Guilty are the saved.

Obituary - Infected
Rot beneath below
Killing the chance to die ... the rising of......
The pain denies the soul
Even after
Obituary - Till Death
Fight ′til the death in a living hell.......
Fight ′til the death, remove any wait.......
Fight ′til the death in a living hell.......
Obituary - Splattered
Pay for [Me] to go
Live to die city grave
Found that life wont pay
With ...
Obituary - Back To One
A stab in the back
With a fearless knife
With no regard
To an innocent life
Obituary - Bullituary (Remix)
Ha Ha. Only true, only true Obituary and
Diablo D., Skinner T, wants some pleasure.
Bastard cycle.
Profession of a make of myself.
Obituary - Threatening Skies
You′ve found once, live wise.
The taste to come, we′ll go.
Lost right taking the face, the coming show.......

Obituary - Kill For Me
you are coming for
you′re coming to
you′re killing for me
Obituary - Circle Of The Tyrants
Originally performed by Celtic Frost

After the battle is over
And the sands drunken the blood
Obituary - Boiling Point
Boiling Point
What no shame
Broken Dreams
What no shame
Obituary - Immortal Visions
Your soul.

Take mine.

Obituary - World Demise
I have found
You have found
Before you living groan
You got to pay
Obituary - Dead Silence
Not the one
Souls are gonna burn
You′re the one
Coming down the dead
Obituary - Solid State
Live for the cause pain dies for
Deems real the shadows of the door
Set falls thru the halls of time
There dwells landfill′s crime
Obituary - By The Light
Destiny, feel disgrace.
I′m the one that′s fallen.
I′m the one in pain.
I′m the one that′s going.
Obituary - Like The Dead
Live like the dead.
We find what its like to rise.
We die to create.
We will not wait.
Obituary - Godly Beings
When I looked at evils face.
Death I′ve seen beyond.
Killing Darkness.
Of rotting pain.
Obituary - Find The Arise
GO---To find the arise
Kill at first sight
Fight---live through the hell
War is our prize
Obituary - Rotting Ways
Terror fills My mind
Cannot prevent what′s mine [revenge......
Silence life thats ...
Fearing the souls of fate
Obituary - Internal Bleeding
Rot alone. Destiny killing the souls of......
Dead to its fight, yellers descend.
Killing the darkened rotting fate. Fate.
Rot alone. Bludgeoning hell.
Obituary - Cause Of Death
With the dying
Rot in hell religious one
[Cold fate] the chosen son
Find the darkness kill the day
Obituary - Burned In
Come fool
Where we create
Fool me your life
Set in World Demise
Obituary - Set In Stone
There alive, die as I space you.
That′s where I cease the spell.
The devil loves the pain.
Certain victims breath the pain.
Obituary - Killing Time
Arising from the dark
A peeling soul to pay
Crawling in the light
piercing through your brain

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