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O-Town - All For Love
All for love - baby - Girl what I do I do......
All for love - baby - Baby my love is all......

O-Town - Craving
Lying here on the couch
With my heart in the mouth
Realize you were right I was wrong and
I′m in pieces and bits but......
O-Town - Been Around The World
Hey Yeah Hmmmm

Well it′s been four lonely days and......
Looking for my baby but she′s nowhere......
O-Town - Baby I Would
Would I walk through fire
Just to be with you (to be with you yeah)
Would I cross an ocean
Just to hold you (hold you yeah)
O-Town - American Game
So here it goes
The story of my life so I′ve been told
Get on follow boy or you′ll be left......
But I dont give a damn
O-Town - All Or Nothin′
i know when hes been on ur mind
that distant look is in ur eyez
i thought wit time you′d realize its......
its not the way i choose to live
O-Town - Comin To The Rescue
If you′re tumbling down and your......
Help′s on the way
We hear your call

O-Town - All She Wrote
*All She Wrote*

Thats all she wrote
left me alone

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