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Mushroomhead - Inevitable
There′s always a downside impossible......
I cut myself to the bone, again cut it too......
might look like it′s safe......
again i fool myself the fairytale is like......
Mushroomhead - Mommy
Mother may I? Mother may I please go outside......
Don′t put me back in the dark I......
Mother may I please share our little secret......
The way that you touch me, should I feel......
Mushroomhead - Burn
Take back prone to distract
Its never been the same
Wheres your feedback
You want to break me
Mushroomhead - Save Us
And its all
Ive ever wanted to believe

That peace could grow inside of you
Mushroomhead - Eternal
Face the day embrace the pain
Wage my war internal
Save my soul eternal

Mushroomhead - Solitaire Unraveling
Locked Away In A Cage
My Rage Has Got The Best Of Me
Time Finds A Way Each Day
Of Leaving Less Of Me Behind
Mushroomhead - Kill Tomorrow
Want to
We can if we want to
Lead you from behind you

Mushroomhead - 12 Hundred
Is there really anyone there
Fall on deaf ears all of my prayers

The mother of nothing
Mushroomhead - Bwomp
We′re Piling It Too High
Talk Not Saying Anything
What We Leave Behind
What We Can′t Afford To Keep
Mushroomhead - Simple Survival
The shadow within me
The sorrow at my feet

Push the colors from the make up
Mushroomhead - Ego Trip
With a guilt ridden frown hidden smiling......
Laughing at the crowd nauseating sound as......
Lead the blind on a crusade for sight......
This leash is too tight i can′t keep......
Mushroomhead - 43
Mind hemorrhage
fuckin′ folding chairs in the hallway
Mushroomhead - Becoming Cold (216)
Never heard my name called
Never any one at all
Never in the right
At the heart of every fault
Mushroomhead - The Fallen
Indivisable invincible
And we are not amused

Underneath it all invisible
Mushroomhead - One More Day
Cancelled compasion
This our ignorance
Smile everlasting
Much less eminenet
Mushroomhead - Xeroxed
Fall From Grace
False Messiah
Laid To Waste
Amidst Desire
Mushroomhead - The New Cult King
In That Dream I Recall
Pieces Of Prisons
I′m Escaping
In The Next Big Religion
Mushroomhead - The Final Act
Wide eyed sleepers death in motion daylight......
pain bleeding moments spilling over......
into a world that calls them real sign the......
of fact better take a step back relax the......
Mushroomhead - Tattoo
Testing my faith again
Breaking the will of man

Deny all my saviors
Mushroomhead - Cut Me
Cut me and i bleed same as you do
And underneath the need
Secrets show thru
Is there anyone of us
Mushroomhead - Too Much Nothing
Too much nothing
I′m always excusing myself
But now it′s getting hard to tell the......
Increasingly I′m unaware
Mushroomhead - Nowhere To Go
Morning′s gone
Echoes of dawn
Shaking my soul
All but done
Mushroomhead - Elevation
How Am I Supposed To Think?
Can I Feel? My Hands Are Numb,
My Feet Oh No My Dick Is Dumb
And The Rain Came Down Plucked My Sight
Mushroomhead - The Need
Anything you need
I cant be anything you need
Now i walk alone i find a way
All of my prayers unanswered
Mushroomhead - The Wrist
Acting Tragically,
In An Inept Manner
Trying To Act Like
Something Really Mattered
Mushroomhead - Never Let It Go
No I′ll Never Ever Let It Go
Caressing The Downfall
Out Stretched Arms
On Your Knees Crawl
Mushroomhead - Erase The Doubt
Come down
From your thrown
And tear off your wings

Mushroomhead - Before I Die
Set Me Free
Let Me Be
Who And What I Am
Why Can′t You See?
Mushroomhead - Just Pretending
Your life it ends with a crash its over now......

You never knew that it was so short

Mushroomhead - Destroy the World Around Me
As they feed the war machine and pull the......
With a bloated sense of supremacy

Blinded by the preconceived distorted way to......

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