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Mushmellow - Stupid Bitch
I′m about to lose my mind
′Cause you kind of girl I like
All I wanna do is follow...
Follow you
Mushmellow - Hellen
Love me when I′m Gone
Don′t think that we can loose
I know we′ll make it easy
Mark my words it′s never too late
Mushmellow - Falling
Just take my hand, take my breath
U never let me go again
Hold me tight, hold me straight
Wish I always feel the same
Mushmellow - Loser
I don′t need friends
I don′t need place to stay
I don′t wanna hear
Some stuf in my face
Mushmellow - Came back
I have changed
I don′t look like you remember me that......
But I came back
I just wanna let you know that really I came......
Mushmellow - Fire
I think that you can go
But please don′t through
My life
Mushmellow - Why
Why you turned away
The different way
Exact the same
Mushmellow - Christmas
It was Christmas night he was so alone
No one came to him to say hallo
He is staring at the window

Mushmellow - Hollow Memories
Seems to be real
And she got everything I need
So close to my skin
And I can feel her dead lips
Mushmellow - Hate
Keep knoking
Keep knoking on my empty heart
I might open
I might unlock and let you drive
Mushmellow - For you
I remember everything
All those little things you have
Pretty smile that I miss
Since the day when you were here
Mushmellow - Free Love
If you’ve been hiding from love
If you’ve been hiding from love
I can understand where you’re coming from
I can understand where you’re coming from
Mushmellow - Whithout you
Seens you′ve been gone
I feel so alone
Staring for hours at my phone
Have nothing to say

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