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Moving Heroes - 1000 years
One thousand years have passed

Don`t remember, don`t try.
You are right, searching way`s to lie.
Moving Heroes - Andy
Tell me No, set me free,
If you’re alone – let it be
I imagine love is forever…forever…
My home will be your home,
Moving Heroes - Crazy
Gimme more, all your smiles and magic
Gimme more, you are so magnetic.
Gimme more, oh, you drive me crazy
Gimme more, will your charms erase me?
Moving Heroes - You will always be here
Tonight, when you’re lonely
Tonight, when you’re staying alone
Maybe tonight you’ll see the only:
this big house has not been your home.
Moving Heroes - Country of the sun
I know that magic’s
Just heaven sent
This way is yours and mine
Can you feel the same
Moving Heroes - Golden Times
He disliked the rules
While living in his home.
He would like to choose
The future he will own.
Moving Heroes - Life is hard
Don’t you wait
Don’t you wish
good satisfaction
when you catch your dream?
Moving Heroes - Love and Magic
The murderous sand,
The spell of that cruel land.
And your heart’s lonely,
And your heart’s in the trap.
Moving Heroes - You are my Angel and my Devil
I stay between heaven and hell – just love......
But I believe we never choose our fate.

Destiny is such a killing sword: it`s......
Moving Heroes - Run to the light
Fall, fall in love again,
Feel the magic of the sunrise -
It’s your time, if you lost your way,
Just your future will bring you a better......
Moving Heroes - New Land
Time is always time
Oh, for you and for me.
You will never lie
Only when you are 17.
Moving Heroes - Mistic Myth
You should not be a dreamer
You should not to start to dream
Sometimes that makes a hero,
But it hurts to the extreme.
Moving Heroes - Promise tonight
It’s an old love story that we’re living......
I love you, I miss you so…
The way we go was written in heaven
I do believe the fate is strong.

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