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Motorhead - Motorhead- (We Are) The Road Crew (текст песни)

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Motorhead- (We Are) The Road Crew

Another Town Another Place,
Another girl, another face,
Another truck, another race,
I′m eating junk, feeling bad,
Another night, i′m going mad,
My woman′s leaving, i feel sad,
But i just love the life i lead,
Another beer is what i need,
Another gig my ears bleed,
We are the road crew

Another town i′ve left behind,
Another drink completely blind,
Another hotel i can′t find,
Another backstage pass for you,
Another tube of super glue,
Another border to get through,
I′m driving like a maniac,
Driving way to hell and back,
Another room a case to pack,
We are the road crew

Another hotel we can burn,
Another screw, another turn,
Another europe map to learn,
Another truckstop on the way,
Another game that i can play,
Another word i learn to say,
Another blasted customs post,
Another bloody foreign coast,
Another set of scars to boast,
We are the road crew

@ Motorhead

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Испонитель: Motorhead
Название песни: Motorhead- (We Are) The Road Crew
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