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Motorhead - Live To Win (текст песни)

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Live To Win

You Know You Can′t Be Hurt,
You gotta believe in your star,
They′ll always treat you like dirt,
They can only push you so far,
They can′t take it away,
If you′ve got something to say,
They might try and fence you in,
But you′ve only gotta live to win

I know it′s hard, a natural drag,
It′s a hassle to fight,
If you don′t wanna be a slag,
If you believe you′re right,
They′ve got the power now,
But soon it′s our hour now,
We all know where we been,
We all been living to win

You mustn′t shout it out loud,
Don′t create a scene,
Don′t indulge in being proud
It only feeds their scheme,
Break down the wall,
Live it up it′s their time to fall,
Anarchy is coming in,
If you know we live to win

@ Motorhead

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Испонитель: Motorhead
Название песни: Live To Win
Количество просмотров: 142
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