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Morcheeba - Let Me See
feat. Talib Kweli

[verse 1]
Ay yo the prophet (profit?) is without honor
Morcheeba - Tape Loop
Tape loop, keeps on turning round, forever,
Patience, love is coming ′round for......
Wait now, no use trying to push,......
People, go against the grain, with their......
Morcheeba - The Sea
Flocking to the sea
Crowds of people wait for me
Sea gulls scavenge
Steal ice cream
Morcheeba - Antidote
The skill it takes to create
The pill to gab a nice date
I′m thrilled to get this laid on
I′ve spilled my last cradle song
Morcheeba - Slow Down
Take your time now
Feel like standing still
Get your barings
Morcheeba - Otherwise
They wanted me here just to show you my......
But when it comes to the crunch, I just hide......
You′re calling me mad, but I know......
Coz you got to be seen to be playing the......
Morcheeba - Gained The World
I heard I lost it
On the grapevine
I must admit
I had a great time
Morcheeba - Shallow End
Driving home now
We got away
Here′s to our future at least
That′s what they say
Morcheeba - Almost Done
It′s taking time to come around
Time to bring me down
Now i′m moving.

Morcheeba - Get Along
And so the end begins
As thunder rumbles in
Odds are stacked against us
Fat chances now seem slim
Morcheeba - World Looking In
Smiling on my happiness
′Cause the scene is still a mess
Morcheeba - Wonders Never Cease
What do you feel
When you let go of the wheel
Can you take a leap of faith
Will you face the change of pace
Morcheeba - Woman Lose Weight
What a surpriser
Open your eyes, A
Woman advisor

Morcheeba - Aqualung
Battle cries
We make the swift retreat
It don′t come cheap
Morcheeba - Riverbed
Meet me on the otherside
it′s a brand new start to a brand new......
Cause we both share the same degree
of ecology and philosophy, and I′m......
Morcheeba - Over And Over
Waking to these sounds again
I wonder how I′ll sleep
Passing out is taking off into the stubborn......
I′d like to meet a human who makes it......
Morcheeba - Part of the Process
Angry faces, cursing loud,
Changing places, falling proud
Behind the bomb, no one cares,
Time is money
Morcheeba - Trigger Hippie
Tune in, drop out of love,
Pull the trigger, i′m a hippie,
So said a truth, in blood,
Alive and well,
Morcheeba - Sao Paolo
Waiting in the club lounge
I slot in so systematicly
I wanna smash it to pieces
Release this hatred inside of me
Morcheeba - God Bless And Goodbye
Questions are never answered
Glances you′ll always miss
Too ready to push and pamper
You just took the glory
Morcheeba - Col
Things have changed this time around
I′m on the rocks and looking down
And i can′t see for all the darkness......

Morcheeba - Like A Military Coup
When the tower tumbled
We began anew
Had no time for warning

Morcheeba - Fear And Love
We always have a choice
Or at least I think we do
We can always use our voice
I thought this to be true
Morcheeba - Ten Men
Vacations in Europe
Sensational sense
We made the most of
Your inheritence
Morcheeba - Living Hell
Locked in a cage, by yourself
Downtrodden rage, Breeds poor health
Make an excuse, then duck out
It′s self induced, knuckle back
Morcheeba - Lighten Up
I can feel a storm brewing over nothing
We were having fun
There′s no harm done there
You need attention
Morcheeba - Moog Island
Sometimes i get up feeling good but greed......
I try to think about the highs, the freedom......
When the business in your life don′t......
And they treat you like a child they need to......
Morcheeba - Howling
Howling, how long,
Sounding, so calm,
Pounding, so strong,
Founding, so wrong.
Morcheeba - Small Town
You feel frozen
But you′ve been chosen
You lay there drunken
Your dreams seem sunken
Morcheeba - Undress Me Now
Using your mind
Imagine our skin
Joined at the hip
Joined from within

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