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Morandi - Angels
People stop fighting
Angels are crying
We can be better
Love is the answer
Morandi - Save me
When I’m with you
Everything seems better
Now I know
I see it all today
Morandi - Amore
I think I love this Italian girl
Cause she′s the most beautiful in the......
I love the way she moves her body close to......
I love the ways she talks and yes,
Morandi - Endless Love
Endless pain, I′m living in sin
Endless pain is burning my skin
All I need is you, give me love
I believe in you, take me above.
Morandi - Still Waiting for Your Love
I’m still waiting for your love... waiting…
It’s hard to say I’m sorry…
I never really meant to make you cry.
I’m sad and lonely,
Morandi - Rock the world
Hey, I feel, I feel so good
`Cause it feels just like it should
I, I feel, I feel so right
I will rock the world tonight
Morandi - Running
Running ... (running) ... alone.
Waiting ... (waiting) ... for you to come......

Morandi - Living Without You
Hey baby, say baby
Do you even miss me anymore
Oh, baby, I’ve been dreaming
About us and the life we had before
Morandi - Midnight Train
Midnight Train,
Take me away!
Midnight Train,
Morandi - Falling asleep
Falling asleep...
Falling asleep...
Falling asleep
Dreaming of you angel
Morandi - Colors
Beautiful sunrise in your eyes
Burning like a flame
Beautiful colors inside me
Calling out your name
Morandi - N3xt
Ten years from now
Were would I be
On top of the mountain
Or drowned in the sea
Morandi - Sun goes down
When the sun goes down
I feel like
I need you around
′Cause you′re like
Morandi - Come home
I cried once, I cried twice
Since you were gone
I prayed once, I prayed twice
For you to come home
Morandi - Africa
(Aaaa) Mali khala
Na Mali dansa
Kushaya Afrika
(Aaaa) Mali khala
Morandi - Musica mi libertad
[Refren]: Eres tu,musica
Siempre tu,mi libertad.
Oh,she′s a summer rain
On a hot sunny day
Morandi - Love Me
Love me...
Cous in sor I′m slowly lying...
Call me...
Don′t you know that my heart is......
Morandi - In ochii tai
Baby I was dreaming long ago
Time was passing silently too slow
There was nothing in the world that I could......
For me and you...
Morandi - Oh La La
I′ve been searching all around the......
Always looking for my special girl
On your lips I find the sweetest thing
I′m gonna kiss you in a million ways
Morandi - By your side
I will never let you down
Baby, can you trust me?
Take a look into my eyes,
Then you′ll realize.
Morandi - Crazy world
I saw you crying yesterday
Just let me wide those tears away
I`ll be your sun after the rain
I`ll make shure you`ll never feel......
Morandi - Love is tickling
friends I`ve lost
so many lovers over years
but my guitar
so, it`s here with me
Morandi - Reality and dreams
feat LisaMorandi feat Lisa (Wassabi)
Oh, I can see it in your eyes
I can feel you by my side
Closer and closer
Morandi - Get high
I look at the window
I start a new day
No one knows how far we′ve gone
Time′s running crazy in it′s own......
Morandi - Hiding from the sun
Look at me now
What have you done?
I′m hiding from the sun
Away from this world,
Morandi - Can I touch

1: Sweet fire, takes my higher
Morandi - Rock and roll my baby
Let the motherfucker burn...Hit me!
Let the motherfucker burn...

[Refren]: Rock and roll my baby--Ohh ohh......
Morandi - Beijo (uh La La)
Toda vida te busquai, mora,
Perguntei a gente na rua,
Quero ser contigo sA? nos dois,
Apaixona baby, vais ver pois
Morandi - Afrikа
(Aaaa) Mali khala
Na Mali dansa
Kushaya Afrika
(Aaaa) Mali khala

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