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Mohombi - Maraca
let me see your body go like a......
i wanna take you home and ba ra pa pa pa pa......
shake it up shake it low
it’s like the private show when your body......
Mohombi - Say Jambo
Emma, Aisha, Nikita say Jambo Jambo
Sandra, Lakisha, Marina say Jambo Jambo......
Emma, Aisha, Nikita say Jambo Jambo......
Mohombi - Match Made In Heaven
you became mine on the first night
we became lovers at first sight
funny how a blink of an eye can turn your......
wanna spend every tomorrow
Mohombi - In Your Head
She’s waiting for her man to go to work
Then calls me on the phone saying he’s such......
I feel like a thief in the day and a thief......
But it’s just a fight
Mohombi - Do Me Right
I shoudn′t asked you for a dance,
I shoudn′t given you a chance
Ur in my arm tonight I′m losing my......
I run my fingers tru ur hair
Mohombi - Bumpy ride
I wanna boom bang bang with your body yo
Were gonna rough it up before we take it......
Girl lemme rock you rock you like a rodeo
(Its gonna be a bumpy ride)
Mohombi - Miss Me
Lady, I don′t want to dance with......
If you don′t believe me let me just......
You see shorty got it all
Mohombi - Dirty Situation
Yeah, Akon, Miss Fatty′s are burning......
Red one, It′s nice to be nice,......
Mohombi, Big time, Red one, sjoe!
Situation′s dirty dirty, dirty dirty......

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