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Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri lady
Oh, I can′t explain
Every time it′s the same
Oh I feel that it′s real
Take my heart
Modern Talking - No Face No Name No Number
Love is like the ocean burning in devotion
When you go, go, go, oh no
Feel my heart is burning when the night is......
I will go, go, go, oh no
Modern Talking - Brother Louie
Deep love is a burnin′ fire stay
′cause then the flame grows higher......
Don′t let him steal your heart
It′s easy easy
Modern Talking - Do You Wanna
I hear your heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat
Playing with my mind
Oh, I need you wrapped around me
Just like I be on a veil
Modern Talking - Atlantis Is Calling
Lady, I know it was hard
But it′s much harder to ignore
There′s a chance and I′ll......
I won′t hurt you anymore
Modern Talking - In 100 Years
Outside the gates of heaven
Oh, there lives a unicorn
I close my eyes to seven
Oh, this world is not my home
Modern Talking - Sweet Little Sheila
Oh, sad - watch good love go back
Smoke from a distant fire burn in me
Oh, babe - the heaven can′t wait
I need these hints, I′m feeling
Modern Talking - Sexy Sexy Lover
Oh I tell you once and I tell you twice
I′ll be there for you in your paradise
Oh please stay with me
and I show you what I feel
Modern Talking - Rouge Et Noir
Someday we′re together
Tonights gone forever
The night just comes falling
Your heart it is calling
Modern Talking - Diamonds Never Made A Lady
Oh, my heart is crying in the night for you
Oh, my God, oh, don′t you feel like a......
You′re fooling yourself with a......
You think it′s love but he don′t......
Modern Talking - Win The Race
We can win the race
We can win the race

We have a dream - you′ll win tonight
Modern Talking - Give Me Peace On Earth
Love is easy hate is wrong
Find the way babe way back home
Give your heart love never die
Oh a little clown will cry
Modern Talking - Rain In My Heart
If I have to cry, if I have to kill
If I have to die, oh baby I will
As long as you stay, baby by my side
If I have to beg, If I have to steal
Modern Talking - Love To Love You
Feeling lonely drifting through the day
Was so sad and then I walked away
I felt the disillusion
Headless of confusion, baby
Modern Talking - Fly To The Moon
I′m lost in you, I′m lost in......
What can I do, words not enough
I′m lost in space, I′m lost in......
Oh, my babe, what can I do
Modern Talking - You′re my heart,......
Deep in my heart there is a fire a burning......
Deep in my heart there is desire for a start
I am dying in emotion
It is my world in fantasy
Modern Talking - You′re a Woman,......
You′re a Woman

They′ll be no darkness tonight.
Modern Talking - I miss you
Gotta need your love
I like you dance
I belong to you
′Cause I see your eyes
Modern Talking - It′s Christmas
What do the lonely do on Christmas ?
Woman is a man′s best friend
There are people in loneliness, girl
Waiting for a helping hand
Modern Talking - Don′t Make Me Blue
Don′t make me blue - don′t make......

I can′t forget moments of love
I′m not too old to dream, you′re......
Modern Talking - Why Do You Cry
You know, my girl,
I need you to write my story.
You love to fly
But now you’re by my side.

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