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Moby - Honey
get my honey come back, sometimes
i′m gonna rap that jack, sometimes (?)
get a hump in my back, sometimes
i′m going over here, sometimes
Moby - One Of These Mornings
One of these mornings
Won′t be very long
You will look for me
And I′ll be gone
Moby - Extreme Ways
Extreme ways are back again
Extreme places I didn′t know
I broke everything new again
Everything that I′d owned
Moby - Natural Blues
oh lordy,
trouble so hard
oh lordy,
Moby - Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)
Sunday was a bright day yesterday
Dark cloud has come into the way

They sing to the darkest night
Moby - Dream About Me
Oh, dream about me
Lie... on the phone to me
Tell me no truth
Moby - Alice
My head keeps turnin′ turnin′
Like Russian roulette
Thoughts are like bullets
I cannot do this...do this...do this... do......
Moby - Disco Lies
You said you want me that was just a lie
You said you love me that was just a lie
All i wanted was someone who could keep me......
You tried it baby but it didn′t work......
Moby - I Love To Move In Here
I love to move here.. "wooo!"
I love to move in here
Moby - Lift Me Up
Plain talking (plain talking)
Take us so far (take us so far)
Broken down cars (broken down cars)
Like strung-out old stars (like strung-out......
Moby - In This World
Lordy don′t leave me
All by myself

Good time′s the devil
Moby - Bodyrock
Rock ya′all,
No stop ya′ll,
To the beat ya′all,
The bodyrock ya′ll,
Moby - Last Night
Soft sympathetic patch of ground
Where I can lay my heavy burden down
Oh beautiful scene in decay
There to remind us that nothing stays the......
Moby - Porcelain
In my dreams I′m dying all the time
As I wake its kaleidoscopic mind
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to lie
Moby - In My Heart
Lord I want
To be up
In my heart

Moby - Very
You would never make it
Inside , oh inside
Love you won′t be alone
Inside, oh inside
Moby - Beautiful
Come on baby
Come on girl
Come on baby
Come on girl
Moby - Spiders
We just had to ask
Maybe some one out of heaven
Would hear us down here

Moby - Mistake
Don′t speak to me this way
Don′t ever let me say
Don′t leave me again [x2]
I never felt this loss before
Moby - Machete
yesterday i felt so cold, i felt like i......
took the needles from my arms and put them......
watched the cold come take me pull me down......
i saw it gone
Moby - Jam For The Ladies
(feat. Angie Stone and MC Lyte)

One things for sure
Well we got soul
Moby - Wait For Me
Mhmm mhm [x5]

I′m gonna ask you to look away
I love my hands, but it hurts to pray
Moby - I Like It
I Like it
I like it a lot
Moby - Raining Again
Never know but nothing less
Couldn′t see that I have guessed
Couldn′t see, couldn′t stay away

Moby - Ooh Yeah
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah

Moby - Study War
Finally brother after a while
The battle will be over
From that day when we shall lay down our......

Moby - Love Should
So we in sleep in bed
We never make
Holding close to love
Love should fade
Moby - Forever
Two simple places
We wanted to go
Two simple things
You wanted to know
Moby - Temptation
A gateway to hope
Just like a feeling
I need, it′s no joke
Moby - Slipping Away
All that we needed was right
The threshold is breaking tonight

Open to everything happy and sad

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