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Mitchel Musso - Hey
I′m counting the days since I began to......
I′m covered in rain but it feels just......
And it don′t get me down, don′t......
You′re better off leaving town,......
Mitchel Musso - Welcome To Hollywood
I felt this time that we had something
you rolled your eyes like it was nothing new
you only think about you
put your shades on not to show it
Mitchel Musso - Do It Up

It′s like a ride that I′m on
So you wanna take a ride with me
Mitchel Musso - How To Lose A Girl
Hey you when will you realize you′re......
You take her for granted now she′s......
She gives you clues you′re clueless......
You′re so bored she′s out the......
Mitchel Musso - Shout It
she′s so innocent
and when she speaks i listen
she is my angel sent from up......
she′s my fire
Mitchel Musso - Us Against The World
Do you ever feel like me?
(like me)
Yeah the walls are closing in
Between, just breathe
Mitchel Musso - Odd Man Out
I could be the guy with all the clever lines
Beneath my breath it′s standing just......
You started pulling me in but next to him
I′m falling further behind
Mitchel Musso - Speed Dial
I remember you giving me your number when I......
I remember you asking me if I could walk you......
I remember you said to me you wanted to be......

Mitchel Musso - Walk Away (You Didn′t......
I don′t know how to let this go
And I don′t really want to know
what it′s like without you in this......
Your voice is breaking through the air
Mitchel Musso - Movin′ In
She looks so pretty.
She′s ruler of the world.
And now the world, the movie, model.
She′s the all-american girl.

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