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Miranda Cosgrove - Fyi
FYI (For Your Information)
You′re a maniac but it′s my......
when I say I′m so so serious
Miranda Cosgrove - About You Now
Maybe I′m wrong
You decide
Shoulda been strong
Yet I lied
Miranda Cosgrove - Stay My Baby
Summer love isn′t meant to be
and it′s only fantasy
that′s what everyone′s telling......

Miranda Cosgrove - Christmas Wrapping
Bah, humbug! No, that′s too strong
′Cause it is my favorite holiday
But all this year′s been a busy blur
Don′t think I have the energy
Miranda Cosgrove - Headphones On
10:28 on the digital clock
I know it′s late but I just......
all this jumpin′ around
all this wastin′ time
Miranda Cosgrove - Adored
I′m willing to try this, But maybe......
Maybe we′ll like it, Let′s give......
But let′s throw ourselves in, And get......
Don′t just slip our toes in, Not yet
Miranda Cosgrove - Whatever My Love
You′re so beautiful
I need the world to see
You′re my mirical
Just take the time that you need
Miranda Cosgrove - Beautiful Girls......
You′re way too beautiful girl
That′s why it′ll never work
You′ll have me in the night, in the......
Miranda Cosgrove - I Like That Girl
Tell me what should I do
What should I say
I′m lost for words so I′m comin......
See I don′t know
Miranda Cosgrove - Ten Things Boys Like
Carly: Okay Sam. I′ve got the Top Ten......
Sam: Hamburgers
Carly: No

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