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Ministry - Test (текст песни)

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yo! this is a test

you say this when i say that
you say this when i say that
you say this when i say that
you say this when i say that
but i′m not with that
so step back or kiss my...
cos i won′t be held back
so don′t fight or dis′ or piss me off
cos i′m not soft or weak
running down in the maze of the day
this is a new phase
don′t be commercial or sell out
or get the hell out of this business
but i won′t be caught in that net of suckers
and glass people, weak, beaten down and feeble
society probably wants me to give up
society probably wants me to give up
as i live up to be my best
in a test
a fight for death
as i fight for my very last breath
and etc.
and etc.
gotta be strong
but wait a minute
now could i be better?
now could i be better?
well, only i know
well, what about you?
or do you have a clue?
could′ve, would′ve, should′ve - it′s too late
could′ve, would′ve, should′ve - it′s too late
why you waiting, laying, sit there? move!
be your own person!

wake up, make up your mind
seek the knowledge that you will find
be your own person
wait for it from the weak
cos they make the people level
and with you make a team
so believe, and be your best
cos this is a test
go for the top chart
rock with all your heart
rock-hard, stay up, go
deal with what′s going on
in this crazy world
man woman child boy girl
insane to the playing
love music power pain
be what you gotta do
get the knowing attitude
cos this is a test
that we suggest
be your own person!
cos this is a test!
this is... a test!

cos we all know who is the real victim
society does not want them picked on
labelled or staked, don′t raise his guilt,
don′t miss your boot and kicked him
faceless in the morning in their urban plight
felt like a symbol with every situation
any one tour already overcrowded
project nation, more inflation
better your damn situation
but how can you better your situation
if you have no occupation?
ten of us said, watch the rolodex center
see how many different schools you can enter
they′re out turning in the pit, but life′s a bitch
the world′s unconcerned
i′ll tell you why it′s stuck in a ditch
you own the key to the damn city
but it′s a damn pity

@ Ministry

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Испонитель: Ministry
Название песни: Test
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