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Mims - Move (If you wanna)
Let′s get it! ha ha! I know you like
Wonderin right now like, what the hell is......
Heh heh heh heh! I guess you bout to see......
Mims - Superman
Hold up


Mims - Without You
Nothin′s been right

since you walked

Mims - Big Black Train
Ugh Ugh Ugh

Shortie Wanna Ride
Mims - I Did You Wrong
I did you wrong, I admit I did
I did you wrong, I admit I did
But I, I′m facing the rest of my life......
I did you-I did you wrong-wrong
Mims - Like This
Uh, You know what it is what it is

When we do what we do

Mims - Love Rollercoaster

Dealin with me is like a ride, a-a-a-ride
But when the ride is movin, keep your hands......
Mims - Cop It
Cop it
Put it in the pot
Mims - Where I Belong
[Verse 1:]
(Where I belong)
Is in a place with no racial barriers
And we all ride high in chariots
Mims - This Is Why I′m Hot
[Chorus: Mims]
This is why I′m hot
This is why I′m hot
This is why (this is why)
Mims - It′s Alright
[Verse 1:]
Woo, Uhh, Mims!
I came to blow a grip
You know I don′t care
Mims - Don′t Cry (Outro)
Uh, (don′t cry) just follow me for a......
Le let me take you all some place

[Verse 1:]
Mims - Doctor, Doctor
[Mims talking:]
Aw man, I′m fucked up man. I think I......
My minds playing tricks on me man.

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