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Milow - Canada
I′m gonna move to Canada
Yeah I′ve made up my mind
Leave everything behind
I′ll catch a plane, fly away from this......
Milow - Ayo Technology
She work it girl, she work the pole
She break it down, she take it low
She fine as hell, she about the dough
She doing her thing out on the floor
Milow - The Ride
If I had a way to get out of this day
If I had a way I′d get out today
Man, I would run away, man, I would run
Cause these walls block out the sun
Milow - Mia
came over with a midnight appetite
You said "If you wash up I′ll feed you......
People like you need to loosen up
Give them a chance before they fuck up
Milow - House By The Creek
Mama lies on the couch in her old wedding......
She turned pale long before the carnival had......
She stares at the front porch on the outlook......
"Don′t worry, I′ll be back in a......
Milow - Landslide
can I be excused
from what I was doing but what was I doing
I need to buckle up
we make noise so pretty that closing time is......
Milow - Dreamers And Renegades
Hey man, I′m tired of working all day
I′m turning into a daysleeping walking......
Hey man, let′s wait until daylight......
And we′ll join the dreamers and......
Milow - The Priest
I′m Peter van der Hold
I′m 68 years old
I doubt some questions have increased
In 42 years of being a priest
Milow - Coming of age
Coming of age ain’t about what you do
It’s giving in to what’s predefined
When you trade all your dreams for......
It is never what you have in mind
Milow - One Of It
you came over
like a midnight appetite
nobody believes me now

Milow - Out Of My Hands
I made the call just too late
At the end of May
I just thought I could wait
For one more day
Milow - Born In The Eighties
I grew up in the 90′s at least......
looking for ways to be satisfied
I went to San Diego to try out my luck
came back 12 months later and again I was......
Milow - Darkness Ahead And Behind
Life always dumps something in your lap
You′re constantly busy redrawing your......
You leave behind a fading trail
Of images and words that you hope will......
Milow - Stephanie
Stephanie always makes a lot of plans
She has decided, she has decided
She is gonna leave
As soon as high school ends
Milow - You Don′t Know
sometimes everything seems awkward and large
imagine a Wednesday evening in march
future and past at the same time
I make use of the night start drinking a lot
Milow - This City′s On My Side
The saddest smile in history
How she looked at me
The way our lives are passing us by
Lie after lie

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