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Mika - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
Big girl you are beautiful

Walks into the room
Feels like a big balloon
Mika - Boum Boum Boum
Boum boum boum
Même les américaines comprennent.
Boum boum
Boum boum
Mika - Any Other World
In any other world
You could tell the difference
And let it all unfurl
Into broken ruminants
Mika - Staring at the sun
Watch the sunset
Hold it from afar
Close as I get
To being where you are
Mika - Lollipop
What′s the big idea?
Yo, Mika!
I said sucking to hard on your lollipop
Oh, loves gonna get you down
Mika - Over My Shoulder
Over my shoulder, running away,
Feels like i’m falling, losing my way,

Cold and dry,
Mika - Blame It On The Girls
So I was sitting there in the bar and this......
and I saw his gold credit card and I saw the......
looked at his face and you know, what a good......
perspective on life sucks".
Mika - Erase
I shouldn′t have called so late last......
All insecure, out of my mind
I shouldn′t have left that message on......
I shouldn′t have said the things I......
Mika - My Interpretation
You talk about life, you talk about death,
And everything in between,
Like it′s nothing, and the words are......
You talk about me, and you talk about you,
Mika - One Foot Boy
What′s a matter
with going places?
Take that gross look off your faces
Empty loving makes me seasick
Mika - Pick Up Off The Floor
There′s a girl, thought she knew,
What her life was going to do,
Then she goes, and falls in love and throws......

Mika - Love Today
Doom da da di da di Doom da da di da di

Everybody′s gonna love today,
Gonna love today, gonna love today.
Mika - Celebrate
I want the whole world to celebrate
Let′s go
I wanna come home
To the only place I know
Mika - Dr John
I look for joy in a strange place
From the back of the bar
From afar
I see the look on my mama′s face
Mika - Blue Eyes
Your heart is broken
To your surprise
You′re sick of crying
For blue eyes
Mika - Stuck In The Middle
I sit and think about the day that......
′Cos your wrinkled eyes betrayed the......
Care to see my reason?
Care to put your life in mine?
Mika - Toy Boy
[VERSE 1:]
I′m a wind up toy
In an up-down world
If you leave me all alone
Mika - I See You
I′m standing across from you
And dreaming of the things I do
I don′t speak, you don′t know me......

Mika - Good Gone Girl
Could you believe
The same old story
It never bores me
Though I′ve heard it all before.
Mika - We Are Golden
Teenage dreams in a teenage circus
Running around like a clown on purpose
Who gives a damn about the family you come......
No givin′ up when you’re young and you......
Mika - Touches You
When you′ve had enough and you need......
When you′re looking tough but you need......
Come on now, what′s a boy......
When I can′t seem to leave you alone
Mika - Kick Ass
We are young
We are strong
We′re not looking for where we belong
We′re not cool
Mika - Rain
Is it really necessary
Every single day
You′re making me more ordinary
In every possible way
Mika - By The Time
Don′t wake up, won′t wake up,......
No, don′t wake me up
Don′t wake up, won′t wake up,......
No, don′t wake me up

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