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Metro Station - Tell Me What To Do
Hey, hey
Hey, hey

Come on, don′t feel this way
Metro Station - Control
Another cigarette, and I′m so bored
Your words aren′t making sense
And I was taken, but you were waiting
One more drink and I′m convinced
Metro Station - True To Me
She turned me on, but now I′m shaking
She shoots it in, and I keep taking
But they don′t see, she′s down......
Metro Station - The Love That Left You To Die
Would you still want to see me
If you knew how I feel?
You claim you still love him
I can′t see how it′s real
Metro Station - Disco
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Metro Station - Kelsey
So take one word, you said
You put it in your bed
You rest your tiny head on your pillow

Metro Station - Wish We Were Older
I wish we were older
I wish we were older
I wish we were older

Metro Station - Shake It
Let′s drop!
Yeah, come on
Shake, shake

Metro Station - California
If I strum chords
Would you sing a song with me?
If I leave town
Would you leave along with me?
Metro Station - After The Fall
We skipped class and I,
I guess our heads needed a break
But our bodies stayed busy
I know that you still miss me
Metro Station - Seventeen Forever
You were young, and so am I
This is wrong, but who am I to judge?
I feel like heaven when we touch
I guess, for me this is enough
Metro Station - Dear Hannah
Dear Hannah
Dear Hannah

Get our friends to get my things back from......
Metro Station - Now That We′re Done
Everybody get down

She′s just a friend, you see
You always agree
Metro Station - Comin′ Around
Feelin′ you comin′ around
You′re breaking me down (breaking me......
Move on, move on, move on
Come on, get out
Metro Station - Goodnight And Goodbye......
And you can start by saying sorry,
That would be the best,
Would be the first thing to get off your......

Metro Station - Where′s My Angel
Break down, I can see you′re upset.
So high, but I couldn′t help it.
I wish, I could just forget you.
Up now, heart beats racing.

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