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Megadeth - Anarchy In The UK
Right now
I am an Anti-Christ,
and I am an anarchist.
Don′t know what I want, but I know how......
Megadeth - Mary Jane
Forgive me father for I have sinned
I′m a child of the air, I′m a......
And I′m still awake... Mary Jane

Megadeth - Kill The King
Broken down, feeling naked
Leaving me unfulfilled
Promising compromise
Championing mediocrity
Megadeth - Blood Of Heroes
Walking stiff let me tell ya
Better left for dead
And now we are on a mission
Well it′s full speed ahead
Megadeth - Rattlehead
Well, Here I come
Stand up and plant your feet
Listen I′m letting off steam
Now throw your hands in the air
Megadeth - Mechanix
Imagine you were at my station
And you brought your motor to me
Your a burner yeah a real motor car
Said you wanna get your order filled
Megadeth - Angry Again
The more of you that I inspect
The more of me I see reflect
The more I try to read your lips
The more the mask you′re wearing rips
Megadeth - 1000 Times Goodbye
The tides of change pulled us apart
I feel a familiar pain
It seems like years since we′ve loved
Or even liked and that′s a lonely way......
Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction
You take a mortal man,
And put him in control
Watch him become a god,
Watch peoples heads a′roll
Megadeth - FFF (Fight For Freedom)
Looking for a cure within the human race
Eliminate the poor, how much longer will it......
Burning up the tents of the rank and file
Exterminate their lives, crack a demon smile......
Megadeth - Burning Bridges
You give up on yourself
Somehow you got betrayed agin
Thin ice and luck runs out
Who will you blame it on this time?
Megadeth - Trust
Lost in a dream
Nothing′s what it seems
Searching my head
For the words that you said
Megadeth - Paranoid
Finished with my woman ′cause she......
people think I′m insane because I am......
All day long I think of things but nothing......
Think I′ll lose my mind if I......
Megadeth - She Wolf
Full of greed you sell your soul
Full of pride a heavy load
You eat yourself gluttony
Resent yourself you envy me
Megadeth - Seven
Full of greed you sell your soul
Full of pride a heavy load
You eat yourself gluttony
Resent yourself you envy me
Megadeth - Go To Hell
I′m not going to wake up today
They′ve pulled my plug the picture......
And as my body decays mold begins to fill my......
The smell of death permeates the silk within......
Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde
Don′t remember where I was
I realized life was a game
The more seriously I took things
The harder the rules became
Megadeth - Set The World Afire
Red flash clouds choking out the morning sky
They said it′d never come, we knew it......
All forms of life die now the humans all......
Time to kiss your ass goodbye the end has......
Megadeth - When
No hears a word I say
And my prayers are never answered
But you′ll never see the pain inside......
Stabbing me over and over and over
Megadeth - Psychotron
Assassin in stealth
Assailant from Hell
Impervious to damage
Computer on-board
Megadeth - Dawn Patrol
Thermal count is rising
In perpetual writhing
The primordial ooze
And the sanity they lose
Megadeth - The Conjuring
Welcome to out sanguinary sect of worship.
Feel at home in our black conventicle,
As we anathematise
All of those who oppose us.
Megadeth - Youthanasia
Who′d believe with the way things are......
We′d be going anywhere telling people
How to live?
Who′d believe we′d spend more
Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction
Endangered species, caged in fright,
Shot in cold blood, no chance to fight.
The stage is set, now pay the price.
An ego boost, don′t think twice.
Megadeth - Vortex
Internal combustion
Multiple personalities
Terror inside of me
A mask of silent agonies
Megadeth - Rust In Peace... Polaris
Tremble you weaklings, cower in fear
I am your ruler, land, sea and air
Immense in my girth, erect I stand tall
I am a nuclear murderer I am Polaris
Megadeth - Elysian Fields
Uneasy feeling, burning out my eyes
I hope the end is less painful than my life
I stand on trial before the gods
On judgement day
Megadeth - No More Mr. Nice Guy
I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing
′Til they got a hold of me
I opened doors for little old ladies
I helped the blind to see
Megadeth - ...The Punishment Due
Wage the war on organized crime
Sneak attacks, repel down the rocks
Behind the lines
Some people risk to employ me
Megadeth - Peace Sells
What do you mean, "I don′t believe in......
I talk to him every day.
What do you mean, "I don′t support......
I go to court when I have to.

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