Mechanical Poet - The Afterguide (текст песни)

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The Afterguide

Leaden sky, a snowy lane
The dateless willows standing stripped
Weeping cry of mourning train
An angel′s waiting on the crypt

Goodbye, my little child
A better world awaits you
We′ve lost your shining smile
We′ll always, always miss you
Now lord is watching for a soul
That left your flesh today
Goodbye, my little child, and fly away…

Callow ghost fell out of shell
A frightened girl in dead men′s land
Faint shade of young Michelle
The angel takes her lifeless hand

A crystal tear
A crystal tear has fallen
The gate is near
The light of new asylum
The angel leads the way
Its wings are widely spread
Farewell, you cannot stay
New home lies ahead

Испонитель: Mechanical Poet
Название песни: The Afterguide

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