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Mechanical Poet - Red Road In Purple Haze
This pair is fascinating
They′re looking really cool
So nobby, so enchanting
They′re best students in the school
Mechanical Poet - Nice Place For a Sad Story
A naughty boy, a pretty girl
The coolest lad and prom night queen
A sleepy town, a country school
The cruelest place you’ve ever seen
Mechanical Poet - Snow White
This sunny morning looks so nice
And all is so refreshing
She hears the ticking of her clock
No sign of past depression
Mechanical Poet - The Afterguide
Leaden sky, a snowy lane
The dateless willows standing stripped
Weeping cry of mourning train
An angel′s waiting on the crypt
Mechanical Poet - Stormchild
The flaring claws
Tight strings
Of typhoon′s bows
Mechanical Poet - Sonny On His Way
The countryside was left behind
Some towers showed up
The sleepy station heaved in sight
My train came to a stop
Mechanical Poet - Bubble Bath
Another day of shameful living′s......
Twelve hours of jests and hurting words that......
to stand
A daily dose of cruel gibes, a......
Mechanical Poet - Sirens from the Underland
Lay your head on a feathery moss
Freeze your mind and drown in doss
See the places you have never been
let the magic begin
Mechanical Poet - Rain
You′ve done so much.
So sick and tired…
But nothing happened.
You feel your time has passed in vain.
Mechanical Poet - Natural Quaternion
I. Sylphs
I see the border of the wild wood
An endless raving tide
Electric view from altitude
Mechanical Poet - Pit Muses Have No Pity
How many days have passed since
That crazy summer day
I haven’t seen your face so far…
What’s up with you today?
Mechanical Poet - Shades on a Casement
So now I′m left alone
Inside my dusky room
The shades are slightly grown
They grabble in the gloom
Mechanical Poet - Hermetical Orchard
A sleepy loft attired in haze
Subsiding in the maze
Within a weedy bog
Nocturnal flies knock on a pane
Mechanical Poet - A Rose For Michelle
A youthful fellow humbly came into a flower......
A present for a pretty girl is what......
He knows that she is wild about handsome......
How many roses in the room... That′s......
Mechanical Poet - Strayed Moppet
Unending brakes
All things around creep and fly
The sun awakes
Eroding black of morning sky
Mechanical Poet - Handmade Essence
At candlelight
I′ve left the Buried Town
My father has no might
To keep me down
Mechanical Poet - Frozen Nile
The morning lights
Annealing eyes with cold
A tempest rides
Defiling skies like mould
Mechanical Poet - Clue of a Scarecrow
November freeze
Invaded the air
Scratchy invisible breeze
Prickles my shoulders and knees
Mechanical Poet - Old Year′s Merry......
Grating gabble of clock
Broke the stately silence
Points got to nibble the ultimate day
Clank of sounding stroke
Mechanical Poet - Bogie in a Coal-Hole
Dawdling in the cellar
Whining on the dungeon step
Underground dweller
Hammers at the coal-flap
Mechanical Poet - Swamp-Stamp-Polka
Damn me!
Real coin of sterling silver I found!
Nip me!
It was merely lying there on the ground!

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Bubble Bath — [Mechanical Poet] (28.10.2012)
Sonny On His Way — [Mechanical Poet] (28.10.2012)
Rain — [Mechanical Poet] (28.10.2012)
Strayed Moppet — [Mechanical Poet] (28.10.2012)
Handmade Essence — [Mechanical Poet] (28.10.2012)
Frozen Nile — [Mechanical Poet] (28.10.2012)

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