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Marius - Sex toy
Verse 1:
My back against the wall
My cloths are on the floor
The cash is on the table
Marius - rain
Standing in the rain
Calling out your name
Life is not the same
Marius - Obsession
Love me as I am
It′s all I′ve got
Talk to me if you can
Heart to heart
Marius - You know I loved you
Where do I go?
What do I do?
Where do I find?
Somebody like you
Marius - Yes or no
Hot body, face as cute as it can be
There is nothing like that in the whole......
I smile, she smiles right back at me
I see, that′s a beautiful girl
Marius - Walk away
My heart is heavy like a stone
I’m on the road of no return
Embracing life all on my own
With no illusions of eternal love
Marius - Never be
So unhappy but i decided to lie
It was too much for my mothers pride
Cause you were so young so blind to see
I′m drifting away like a boat on the......
Marius - Lost
Good-bye, don′t call
I′ll pack my things and go
Love ain′t here anymore
There′s a note by the phone
Marius - Playback song
Verse 1:
I’m just a boy band boy
My music is just noise
Tell me why are you still here

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