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Mario Winans - Stay With Me
My sweet lady
I don′t wanna be alone tonight, baby
Sitting alone, looking out my window
Wondering how could I ever make it
Mario Winans - Come Back Home
I′ve made a lot of mistakes in my......
Some worse than others
But I never thought I′d make the......
Now I only have one wish
Mario Winans - You Never Know
Why do things seems so different to me?
I remember how it used to be
A hug and a kiss would happened every day
But now it seems that everything has changed
Mario Winans - Love Is In The Air
When I talk to you my love
I like it when you understand
When you want me close to you
I like to be as close as I can
Mario Winans - One Last Chance
I was excited when I first saw your face
Then right there I knew I had plans for us
Something happened that I could not foresee
Oh babe, I am blaming it all on me, oh
Mario Winans - Forever
Girl I wanna get to know you better
Maybe we can spend a night together
First love will last forever
Mario Winans - I Don′t Wanna Know
[P. Diddy - talking]
Hold up, let me answer my phone
Some bitch callin me about some bullshit......
I′ma call you right back
Mario Winans - Don′t Take Your Love......
Comin′ in, you know you′re......
[?] baby
Sayin′ your love has got me......
There are no words that can explain, baby
Mario Winans - It′s All Good
Oh, oh lady
Things ain′t always what they seem
I never expected it to be a dream
That I continue to think of us together

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