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Mario - How Do I Breathe
How do I breathe, yeah.
How do I breathe, yeaaaah.
It feels so different being here,
Mario - Lay in My Bed
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Listen

[Verse 1:]
I Dont Wanna Fight, I Would Rather Kiss You
Mario - No Definition
(feat. Timbaland)

[Verse 1:]
I′m Not Your Man We′re more Than......
Mario - Let me love you
Mmmm .....
Mario - Do Right
[Verse 1:]
What have I missed,
Living like this?
Who′d think I′d get this far,
Mario - Why
What is going on
Everytime i try to talk
You screamin baby
(Cover your mouth
Mario - Here I go again
Baby here I go again

you said you hated me
(But I keep coming back)
Mario - How could you
It′s kinda crazy baby,
How I remember things,
(like where you came from and how you had......
I went and made you flyy,
Mario - Never
Girl u wanna know what′s up
I can truly say that I love u
And we know that love is not puffed up
So there are things in love that u′ll......
Mario - Braid My Hair
When you look at me, i know you see
a 15 year old, gettin his dough
back and fourth to the studios
hoppin outta limosines, rockin the latest......
Mario - Music for Love
Girl turn me up and let me come through your......
Blow the sound out of your tweeters
Cause Baby (girl) this is the music for love

Mario - Girl In The Picture
Think I love the girl in the picture
She′s a fantasy someone that I need to......
Make a reality
Mario - Crazy kind of love
You tolerate the calls
Till 3 o′clock in the morning
It′s tearing you apart
Trying to ignore it
Mario - Go!
You know what
You know what

You′re that everyday girl, a face like......
Mario - You should let me love you
ohh... yeah
ohh... yeah
yea yeah

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