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Marie Digby - Come Find Me
There′s a river flowing through......
Its currents, they control my emotions
But there′s just one stream that......
It overflows when my heart′s left open
Marie Digby - Feel
Feels like I spent all this time talking to......
Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was......
Are your really there? Are you made of......
Am I talking to someone or am I here all......
Marie Digby - Avalanche
Since when do you come around?
And the temperature’s changed, nothing’s the......
Left me in yesterday
You don’t see me that way, touch me that way......
Marie Digby - Love With A Stranger
You close the doors
When you’re w/ me, slowly
Lay down next to me
Just the alight of our fate
Marie Digby - Symphony
Here I go again in my dreamy eyes
I should be content but something′s......
It′s nothing that you did, I′m......
I can′t love you if I′m not sure......
Marie Digby - Crazier Things
I′ve seen tidal waves
People washed away
Seen the towers fall
Trust me, I′ve seen it all
Marie Digby - Overboard
I can’t take it slow my heart is to fast for......
I have the right idea but the execution is a......
And I will tell you this, when I should be......
I will confess I have no self-control
Marie Digby - Daybreak
If these walls could talk
They′d whisper, "Just hold on"
Don′t this sunshine in this place
If we lose the night, it might not same
Marie Digby - Come To Life
There′s a river flowing through me, it......
Its currents, they control my emotions
There′s just one stream that evades......
It overflows when my heart′s left open
Marie Digby - Breathing Underwater
There′s a light in the dark where the......
Where the stars find a way to shine through......
Here we are, face to face, all alone in this......
And the night is finally coming down to you......
Marie Digby - Machine
I′m not a machine

Looking around, everything I see
It seems to lose its color
Marie Digby - Know You By Heart
Souls that are so connected
Find one another′s love
Even in the darkness
Your energy′s enough
Marie Digby - Shoulda Been
Had every word prepared
Wasn′t even scared
Rehearsed the scene a million times and......
You were just down the hall

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