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Mandy Moore - Only Hope
There′s a song that′s inside of......
It′s the one that I′ve tried to......
I′m awake in the infinite cold.
But you sing to me over and over and over......
Mandy Moore - Cry
I′ll always remember
It was late afternoon
It lasted forever
And ended too soon
Mandy Moore - Love To Love Me Back
I could handle your tortured heart
Even piece it together whenever you ripped......
But I can never be that kind of girl who......
And turns it into some kind of......
Mandy Moore - Bug
what would happen if i flew to San Francisco
wouldn′t make much sense
from the outside looking in
coming around again
Mandy Moore - Nothing Everything
Tired of waiting
Tired of hiding
Went a little late last night
But do you know how it feels
Mandy Moore - Stupid Cupid
Stupid Cupid you′re a real mean guy,
I′d like to clip your wings off so you......
I am in love and it′s crying shame
and I know that you′re the one to......
Mandy Moore - Everblue
Love doesn′t come alone, now does it?
Present perfect tense
So you made yourself a new world
Where even strangers make more sense
Mandy Moore - Pocket Philosopher
Now I′m walking on my own two feet
The sun is shinning, my shadow′s......
And I meet the eyes of a stranger
I can′t quite place him and I......
Mandy Moore - Fern Dell
These are the thoughts that keep me up at......
Asleep with the dogs, all bark and no bite
In love with a fool feasting for my eyes
Fern Dell, Fern Dell
Mandy Moore - I Could Break Your Heart Any......
I′ll make this painless, try to be......
I could break your heart any day of the week
Squeeze life out of you, wrap you in sheets
I could break your heart any day of the week
Mandy Moore - Song About Home
Could I close the door behind me
And lock myself outside alone?
Could somebody please remind me
Why this bird still hasn′t still flown
Mandy Moore - Indian Summer
I want your number so we can talk
I can′t remember the last time I felt......
You changed your address
You changed your name
Mandy Moore - Merrimack River
Restless to begin
A wave comes crashing in
The band on stage is tuning
Jacarandas are blooming
Mandy Moore - It′s gonna be love
It′s gonna be me, baby
It′s gonna be you, baby
Time, I′ve been patient for so long
How can I pretend to be so strong?
Mandy Moore - Someday We′ll Know
(feat. Jonathan Foreman)
(Mandy)Ninety miles outside Chicago
Can’t stop driving I don’t know why
So many question....Need an answer

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