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Malice In Wonderland - Dancing With You
Time to dance
Time to face the light
It´s my last chance
Will you callenge fate
Malice In Wonderland - In The End
All good come to those who wait
Or so they say
And after the sunshine come the rain
It feels like pain after pain
Malice In Wonderland - A Tear & A Whisper
Leaves are falling down
And shattered glass around
The saints and sinners have
Left the town, left this town
Malice In Wonderland - Perfect Drug
Bury me deep, bury me deep
Deep inside your heart
Cause you made me so complete
From the very start
Malice In Wonderland - I Love To Sin
Aching to be near you
Wishing for a star
Helpless you can′t change me
Will we always be apart
Malice In Wonderland - Red Rose Suicide
I´m wishing for the clouds to go away
I can feel you near, you disappear
Escape this mortal life
Rivers empty, shallow feelings
Malice In Wonderland - Wonderland
Talk to me, Tell what you need
I speak the words you want to hear
I′ve never thought there′s......
Walk with me and you will see
Malice In Wonderland - My Heart (belongs To......
This life is cold and the world is cruel
But still my heart belongs to you
This endless pain that i can´t explain
I guess my life is ending too
Malice In Wonderland - Malicia The 3rd......
Insomnia, greetings abductress of light
Abhorrence ′tis the ravenous time
Coming to burn in the lake of damnation
The echo of time
Malice In Wonderland - Heartache Boulevard
You came here from nowhere
You touched my heart, you´re flilled......
The darkest fear we both share
Just fade away when I touch your face
Malice In Wonderland - Lucifer′s Town
Forever yours I heard you say
I′m in the shadow you are far away
I will never ask you to stay
Just speak the words and I′ll be there......
Malice In Wonderland - Obsidian Horizon (the......
Pale horizons somber taint
The coming of an age
Here we dare and step beyond
A land unknown to us
Malice In Wonderland - Freedom
Free land is in front of me
′Cause I′m driving on the......
Just a free man I decide to be
Keep on running to the sea
Malice In Wonderland - The Fallen Angel
Timeless, searching for a piece of blue and......
Trying to touch the sun light
Now I know, My heart needs to feel the sky,......
And I start to brreathe the air... Oh,......
Malice In Wonderland - Nightclub, Sin E......
Welcome to the nightclub of sin & decadence
I need you to join me, i´ll show you......

Malice In Wonderland - Malicegarden
Deep in the twilight lurks a somber place
People call it Malicegarden
A realm of sadness the throne of the dead
Where sunlight is as rare as laughter
Malice In Wonderland - Devildance
Mirror,mirror, give me a thrill
Bring it to my nose with a hundred dollar......
Devil dance: no more blue
This is my life, i am coming for you
Malice In Wonderland - The Threefaced King......
The corpse of the ancient cradled in red
Lies at the bottom of this ice cold lake
Here it now dwells and ready for the stand
Deep in the mountains where but unlight......
Malice In Wonderland - Vision Dementia
Sleeping awake in the cradle of death
Reveling in the fruit of sin
The suffering of thousands in the coming of......
They ate the force of time
Malice In Wonderland - The Stargazer
Hearing the laments of millions adorned
Reveling in so called flesh
The contents of vengeance and millions of......
Lives in the soul of death
Malice In Wonderland - Crepuscule
Danse la sombre danse des morts
Goute le vin du mauvais sort
Liquide visible aux yeux du torts
Prince lugubre et malevolant

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