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Количество произведений: 7.

Madcon - Beggin
[Tshawe Baqwa]
Put your loving hand out, baby
I′m beggin
Madcon - Liar
It seems to be the truth. (Seems to be the......
I guess she cheated on me too. (Cheated on......
She really got me good. (Really got me good)......
I said she really got me good. (Really got......
Madcon - Freaky Like Me
Haha, It’s Madcon
Freaky like me, freaky like me, freaky like......
Freaky like me, freaky like me, freaky like......
It was early in the morning
Madcon - Outrun The Sun
When you shine so right,
All the ladies dressed like a Friday night,
Yeah, will you shine your lights?
That we all grow wings and it′s all......
Madcon - Glow
My heart, it beats to your song
A melody sent from God
I can′t breathe when you′re gone......
Yes I′m deeply in love (Be my......
Madcon - Blessed
(Intro - Tshawe)
that feelin′ i get from your eyes,......
(verse 1 - Tshawe)
not many people have been this blessed naw......
Madcon - Back on the road
we don`t know
get back on the road
go baby go

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Outrun The Sun — [Madcon] (28.10.2012)
Glow — [Madcon] (28.10.2012)
Blessed — [Madcon] (28.10.2012)
Back on the road — [Madcon] (28.10.2012)

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