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Mad Caddies - Contraband
Dont wanna live the normal life
Got contraband in my eyes
Alcohol and cigarettes,
Good white drugs i aint done yet
Mad Caddies - Sad Reggie
I find myself
searching for the soul i once had
watered down the smoke inside me i′ve......
there′s been no body oh for sooo long......
Mad Caddies - Day By Day
My situation brings me down again
Boredom wraps it′s arms around me
My inhibitions were thrown out the door so......
Now I sit here and I can′t breathe
Mad Caddies - Goleta
goleta goleta not the place i wanna be
goleta goleta split twins both have hiv
goleta goleta not the place i wanna be
everybody′s gotta come see
Mad Caddies - Drinking For 11
Drinking for eleven, that′s just what......
When i′m not with you,
My heart goes to bed
End of the bar, that′s just where......
Mad Caddies - Crew Cut Chuck
Oh let me tell ya bout 2 guys I know
ol′ crew cut chuck an afro Joe
well crew cut sang and Joe played sax
collecting their money in a hat
Mad Caddies - Just One More
The fine life is a beautiful thing
The caviar and the diamond rings
It goes all night, I see the writing on the......
The bright lights of a big soiree
Mad Caddies - Silence
Silently approaching creeping through the......
Shadows below the radar hide from......
You can′t see it coming but you feel......
The eminent destruction pulls you down in......
Mad Caddies - Monkeys
watch out for them monkeys
those crazy big guys drinking downtown
Mad Caddies - 10 West
Well I′m back out on the road again......
Were stepping it up harder just to make it......
With yesterday′s antics still playing......
Another day′s upon us so let′s......
Mad Caddies - Polyester Khakis
...2, 3, skank!
well they follow us around
wherever we may go
it feels like there′s no freedom
Mad Caddies - Road Rash
Take a walk outside it′s a nice day......
the air is getting clear and the time is......
gotta watch my style cause god it′s......
got a little more room to try it hopefully
Mad Caddies - Distress
heard my favorite song on the radio
i get so tired that i just don′t know
is my whole life comin′ down on me
or is my problem anxiety
Mad Caddies - Rockupation
Wasn′t too long ago that you could go......
Without trying to be somebody you′re......
Now the tables are turned and you′re......
Don′t let em tell you it rocks
Mad Caddies - Last Breath
skies are gray and it′s cold
Smoke signals from my last cigarette
Lets me know that it′s finally getting......
Everybody hates me for the night before
Mad Caddies - Preppie Girl
she bought herself a diamond ring
before the evening show
a ninety dollar bracelet
on daddy′s visa gold
Mad Caddies - Big Brother
We are one in a million we are one and the......
like buildings of our generation,
they′re in our name
they′ll censor it with a whistle now
Mad Caddies - I′m So Alone
I′m so alone
I don′t have no home
So when you gonna bring your sweet love
On home to me
Mad Caddies - Leavin′
well the first that i went out on my own
i was a young man almost seventeen right......
well i packed up all my things
i grabbed my bag and kissed my mother
Mad Caddies - No Se′
my mind′s locked up in a world that
i don′t know
the end is coming soon
i think i′ll lose control
Mad Caddies - Mum′s The Word
well approximation of the situation tends to......
when you have too much to drink
and you piss off your friends
you cant talk,
Mad Caddies - Cup O′Tea
You don′t know where I′m going
You ask me where I′ve been
You wish you couldn′t understand
I′m gonna fight this till the end
Mad Caddies - L.G.′s
Why do you make this sound so difficult to......
you follow me around
you will not go away
you get into my car and you expect a ride,
Mad Caddies - The Belltower
don′t let you know i′ll do ya no......
while ya go down that stronghold like ya......
you′re livin′ up in a cloud and......
the pressure building all around and it......
Mad Caddies - Spare Change?
When we first where, things where right on......
Listen a while and I′m gonna take you......
Back to the days when you where mine.
We would away and everything would be fine.

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