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Machine Head - All in Your Head
You tell me, Ive been walking on a railing

Been excelling at failing

Machine Head - bulldozer
Into the battles, making cages rattle

Theres a pain thats inside us and were......

Machine Head - Imperium
Hear me now
Bearing down upon a path we choose
Chosen from the start living different rules......
Existence something to cherish true
Machine Head - Descend The Shades Of Night
Sitting in the empty black
The last slivers of dusk have passed
Accept the dawn to ease the fear
One day I will not be here
Machine Head - Spine
Bitterness infested, justice is molested
Govern my contested ways
As a child arrested, as a man detested
Happiness inside my pain
Machine Head - the burning red
I see the sun begin to rise
And I′m wounded I′ve seen the......
That I′m crying through I watch the......
And confide in... Hold On
Machine Head - deafening silence
She looked right into my

Eyes and said to me

Machine Head - american high
I was that kid sittin over

In the corner,

Machine Head - take my scars
It′s been around for a thousand years
And it′ll be here for plenty more
It is the face hidden in disgrace
That has become now an open sore
Machine Head - Decend the Shades of Night
The shades of night (Descend) X2

Sitting in the empty black

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