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Macbeth - Watch Us Die
You′ll burn in hell
Don′t be afraid
Our voice will fade
And they′ll take you away
Macbeth - Miss Murderess
There’s a legend about the bite
Of a wild flower who rides the night
Dancing with feline grace she hisses
In this tale of bloodstained kisses
Macbeth - Pure Treasure
I′ve found the rarest thing in the......
A strange fascinating light
It doesn′t shine
But it perfumes like a flower
Macbeth - Moonlight Caress
Set like a jewel
in the black velwet of the night,
you′ll listen to my breath
in this clear quiet darkness
Macbeth - How Can Heaven Love Me
Fell from the grace of heaven′s prow
Listening as the abyss calls our name
Descending stars from golden clouds
Falling to the rage of angels
Macbeth - Haeresis Dea
Freedom wings as precious as slim
How many times were broken?
Poor in spirit overbearing
Sentenced exception to death
Macbeth - Without You
What we′ve learnt from our bad dream
Is that no one will ever know
Why a smile is so fragile?
How a word can make you cry?
Macbeth - Hall Of The Scarlets
Hall of the scarlets, a silent dream
His star has set among amber leaves
Hall of the scarlets funereal whispers
A glorious portrait of death
Macbeth - Fables
Preparations are well advanced
Velvet palls and sweet jasmine smell
For marriage of heaven and hell
Vipers shed at once the skin
Macbeth - Lifelong Hope
Now throw those wings away
The sky is so far from earth
Remember me my son
When light fades
Macbeth - My Desdemona
Treason has done his worst
Bright angel of darkness
How does it feel
Stabbing your god in the back?
Macbeth - Henceforth
The best dream I ever had
Floating on the liars blood
I came to the throne
And my reign was made of glass
Macbeth - The Dark Kiss Of My Angel
Cry with my in this gloomy silence
and take me in your arms.
Let your fingers caress
my marbled skin
Macbeth - Romanzo Nero
Piansero le deboli stelle
Tre angeli dipinti d′inverno
Fu il funerale delle rose
Ma nessuna lacrima le svegliв
Macbeth - Black Heaven
Behold us, my lord
we are dying
among the bleeding ruins
of our world,
Macbeth - Crepuscularia (Agony In Red Minor)
Like a rose in bloom among the clouds
A precious ruby flaring on celestial canvas
Vermilion magma
Carpet of fire, incandescent petals
Macbeth - Grey Skies
We could forget the world outside
If you don′t care
Skies are grey but rooms are blue
Safe place to hide
Macbeth - Shadows Of Eden
Shadows are walking in
the darkness of a promised
like spirits in a dark and
Macbeth - Thy Mournful Lover
Come to me, silent and dressed in black,
in your eyes I can see all your obscure
Brush my skin with your pale hands
Macbeth - Keep The Secret
Nothing to blame myself for
Not letting you ruin me
To young to know your dark nature
You have gone to far
Macbeth - Good Mourning
Good mourning Mr. Sleepy
My name is Winter Cold
I′ll freeze the heart you′re......
To wound your mortal soul
Macbeth - Bila Je Lijepa
Bila je lijepa...
lijepa poput obeæanja
svaki dan, zabavljanja
Macbeth - El Diablo Y La Luna
Bolt from the blue
What Devil art thou?
Thy beauty make the bright stars dim
Moon blushes at the sight of thee
Macbeth - Lady Lily White
White dove lay lifeless on a crown of thorns
Beside a broken sword
Whirlwind blew out a candle
Heartrending cry
Macbeth - H.A.T.E.
All the hate they spread
Can′t change our mind
Truth is everywhere
Blind men cannot see it
Macbeth - Forever
Our flames burn in this
ephemeral reality,
like dancing candles closed
in upon a mysterious breeze,
Macbeth - Aloisa
Ye that now smile
In fronte of my colde statue
By blue musk veilede
Ye know not my sadde storie
Macbeth - Sweet Endless Sleep
Like a spell from which I
can′t awake now I sleep soundly,
dying in your arms,
I felt your tears glide on my face
Macbeth - The Twilight Melancholy
The arms of twilight
are dandling my soul
and in her eyes
I see the sweetness
Macbeth - Dead And Gone
Under the spell
Of a greenish moon
My heart has sailed the seven seas
Going mad with rage

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