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Long shot

I felt it
The wire touched my neck
And then someone pulled it tighter
I never saw it coming
I started to black out and
Then someone said good morning
I took it as a warning
I should have seen it coming
So now I′ll take a chance on
This thing we may have started
Intentional or not I
Don′t think we saw it coming
It′s all adding up to something
That asks for some involvement
That asks for a commitment
I think I see it coming
If we step out on that limb
My heartbeat beats me senselessly
Why′s everything got to be so intense with me
I′m trying to handle all this unpredictability
In all probability

It′s a long shot and I say why not
If I say forget it I know that I′ll regret it
It′s a long shot just to beat these odds
The chance is we won′t make it
but I know if I don′t take it there′s no chance
′Cause you′re the best I got
So take a long shot

I realize that there is all this doubting
Things we′re both scared about but
We′ll never see them coming
Throw caution to the wind and
We′ll see what way it′s blowing
And into this fully knowing
We′ll never see it coming
Until it′s much too close to stop


Oh I waited for fact to come to fiction
And you fit my description
I never saw you coming
But we′ll make it


You didn′t expect this
Oh you never saw me coming
You didn′t expect this
Oh you never saw this coming
I take a long shot
I take a long shot, shot, shot, shot
′Cause you′re the best I got
Oh I′m taking this chance on you baby
I′m taking this chance on you baby
I′m taking this chance

Испонитель: Kelly Clarkson
Название песни: Long shot

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