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Institute - Secrets And Lies
We become someone else
As we get so far from ourselves
Institute - Mountains
Gonna ride out on a speedboat
Gonna ride out on the radio
Gonna fix mine where possible
Gonna find myself a phone
Institute - Come on over
Steal your love
As the good die young
Take what′s yours
Before they come
Institute - Information Age
There′s been delays
Murders of emotions
Distractions in waves
Stunted elevations
Institute - Ambulances
This staying alive can kill you
It′s taking years off of my life
Build my world within you but loneliness......
You can cure you′re iodine
Institute - Seventh wave
Till the end of time
The world stops
We all stand still
Let the floods come
Institute - When animals attack
These nights are getting longer
Seems like I′ve always been awake
There is danger in the houses
A nemsis in shape
Institute - Wasteland
They got aeroplanes
Flying over you
You cannot escape
See them watching you?
Institute - Save The Robots
Save the robots
Save yourselves
Keep your head to the future boy
For everything it′s worth
Institute - Boom box
We′re going down the tubes
To the underground
Look what we′ve gone and done
We′re getting to the point
Institute - The heart of your love
In the way that you state your feelings
No matter the cost
How you separate all the cliches
Still you get so lost
Institute - Bullet-Proof Skin
Cool to disappear but
I missed you most days
An army of tattooed angels
Have brought me back today

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