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Inna - Feeelo
Se thelo conda mou
Kai na se filiso
Kai na se filiso
Kai na se fili
Inna - Прочь
Не нужно мне любви твоей вновь
Я никогда не думала что будет так
Ты знаешь всё прошло не нужно этих слов
Моя любовь итак была сильна ты знай
Inna - No fire
No-no-no-no-no-no fire, no fire eye!
I wanna feel my music higher and touch the......
No love, no-no! You’ll try me crazy, you’re......
I wanna live with you at deja vu!
Inna - Bop bop (feat. Eric Turner)
[Eric Turner:] (x2)
Bop bop, close the shop.
Big Jack on the rocks.
Bop bop bop bop bop.
Inna - Hot
You belong to me
I belong to you
Fire from my heart
Inna - I wanted you
Lately I′ve been thinking about what I......
I′ve been stressing to fall back in......
I′m so sorry that I couldn′t......
But I can′t go on this way. I′ve......
Inna - I can be your love
I can be your love again
( I just wanna let you know
I will never have to let you go
I can be your love again
Inna - Shining Star
The first time that I saw you
I had to get to know you
I could see a sparkle
When you looked in my eyes
Inna - Sun is up
All the people tonight
Put the hands in the sky
C′mon boy, c′mon and get the......
Wanna feeling about you,
Inna - Diggy down (feat. Marian Hill)
Hey boy, I really love the way that you move
You wind me up, up, up on you
You know I’m down diggy diggy down
Diggy diggy down
Inna - Ai Se Eu Te Pego
Sábado na balada
A galera começou a dançar
E passou a menina mais linda
Tomei coragem e comecei a falar
Inna - More Than Friends
Wo-ah tonight, tonight we could be more than......
Wo-ah tonight, tonight we should be more......
We’re in the corner of the crowded room
I want you lips, your body, boy, how soon?
Inna - Amazing
Dangerous feelings break out my soul
It′s just the meaning of being alone
I need you here wherever you are
I need you now to take me so far
Inna - 2nite
They think is wrong
I don′t care about the world
You′re here this night
All the night you′re by my side
Inna - Sorry
Sorry …
I didn’t mean to make you cry
Lonely, I feel so lonely
But I need to say goodbye
Inna - Oare
Ma intorc in timp de atatea ori
Cand eram noi doi
Chiar daca stiu ca ai uitat de noi
Ai uitat de noi
Inna - Live Your Life
Who do you think you are?
Say you love me, then you break my heart.
Feel me up and then you knock me down,
Inna - I Surrender
aaaaa aaaaa
I surrender, I surrender
aaaaa aaaaa
I surrender, I surrender
Inna - Nobody
I saw you saturday night
You were in club, I was right
You tell me you′re so sorry
I thing I heard the story
Inna - OK
you say i wanna be ok, hey!
don’t wanna be away, babe
away from my heart
Inna - Moon girl
Hey, I`m tryna hit you right out the......
I came here to party cause I light up the......
And gravity is all over the place
I`m a moon girl and I`m out of......
Inna - Spre Mare
Iubirea ta ce ma tine
In orice vara langa tine
E in drumul nostru spre mare
Unde-i soare si iubire
Inna - Put Your Hands Up
Put your hand
Put your hand
True love never dies
I’m falling when time is passing
Inna - Endless
As I’m going going down
I have dreamed a better place
As the world turns round and round
Start is always in my fate
Inna - July
I’m tired to be losed,
Actions speaks louder then words,
If you feel me,
Runaway where you will be,
Inna - No Limit
Sometimes in life
You gotta do what you gotta do
When you gotta stand by
′cause all around the world
Inna - Alright
I can′t say
that I don′t love you no more
I′ll never try
to go and hurt you
Inna - Love
Come back and set me free
Now from infinity
Love is a mistery
Distance is killing me
Inna - Un Momento
I like the way you are driving your car
I like the way you’re drinking beer in the......
You look so sexy, where you from, where you......
You’re like the sunshine
Inna - House Is Going On
The house is going on x4
I wanna tell you that now
I am gonna break the show
I wanna take you really high

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