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In Flames - Free Fall
Mirror mirror,
How far will I go?
Despite the foundation,
I am falling.
we were one in words
you finished my sentence
I can never attract tomorrow
it pushes me aside
Take a knife and carve it in
want to see your faults
as a part of your pretty skin
everyone has a tragedy
In Flames - Bullet Ride
Do you feel anything at all?
Do you hear steps at the door?
Do you reckon the smell of?
It′s life, the dark death binds you
I′m selling heavenly sketches
a world out of my mind
ready to explode in purity
to fill the holes inside
In Flames - Come Clarity
Rushing through 30, getting older every day
By two, drawing pictures of innocent times
Can you add... colour... inside these......

In Flames - BOTTLED
I really don′t have anything to say
just pass me by
don′t ask me the same questions
just deny I′m there
In Flames - Biosphere
Slowly the winter wind tears my skin
Blood freezes in my veins
I wish you were here beside me
To release me from my pain
In Flames - Take This Life
It′s not so much the pain
It′s more the actual knife
Pretending the picture is perfect
I cut myself to sleep
In Flames - ...As The Future Repeats Today
There′s no place that still remains
Just deserted space all left in grey
Why did we lose, the knowledge of time?
Is this the price, the hell we pay?
In Flames - Self vs Self
If I struggle a lifetime,
What would my body be?
An empty shell,
On what a demon fed.
In Flames - Only for the Weak
I can′t tolerate your sadness,
′cause it′s me you′re......
I won′t allow any happiness,
′cause everytime that you laugh, I......
In Flames - Artifacts Of The Black Rain
Stood there leaning to the city moon,
casting silhouettes tall to grip her white......
the black-clad voyeur in his black-clad......
in the serpentine sun of tragedy basked
In Flames - Metaphor
You stole my pure intentions
You are the sickness in between let me in
I′ll bury the pain you taught me to be......
You almost made me taker it all let me in
it hurts to think
can′t get the sums together
would you draw my bitterness
make the pictures fade
I am the past
I′ve been chosen
you think it′s over
In Flames - DEAD ALONE
I′ll always belong to the shadow
don′t show me new results
I′ll never enter your heaven
make the most out of my dirty cell
In Flames - Another Day In Quicksand
The other side of the platinum door
another day in quicksand
Still feel close to nowhere
I hope this is the right way
In Flames - Insipid 2000
should I defend you for who you are?
the laws are changed and useless!
on their way to a deserted town
where empty windows wave goodbye
In Flames - Coerced Coexistence
I?ll take you on a ride
as a part-owner to my pain
our ideals they collide
coerced coexistence
In Flames - Eraser
dead like a worm
catch a glimpse of the sun through cracks
anything i swallowed will hide me from the......
In Flames - Zombie Inc.
thruth serves them embrace
and defend her case
part flattery, part threats
"for those who cling to this
In Flames - Ordinary Story
Egoism dictates human relation
a world where fashion outshines morality
Here success is written in blood-red colours
designed by the thirst for power
In Flames - The New Word
the great word of blessendness
and a feeling of ease
a cup of the well of freedom
and a life we joyfully drink
I can be as angry as I want to be
just watch me burn (need to be motivated)
I think you′re way too cold
just watch and learn
In Flames - Colony
In my world, the day is no threat
in my world, there is an absence of light
"genetic superiour cell" controled
by fathomless and undearable
In Flames - Behind Space
Call me by my astral name
Breeding fear through wordless tounge
Heavenly thirst - unspeakable pain
Emptied from all human motion
In Flames - Embody The Invisible
I demand nothing, but I want it all
what privilege do we have under the sun,
that gives us the right to the throne ?

In Flames - Alias
The serpent knows,
When the curtain falls,
In denials blindfold,
It greets another day
In Flames - Dead End
Save all your prayers
I think we lost today
There′s no morning after
And no one′s around to blame

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