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In Fear and Faith - The Taste Of Regret
Come out of hiding, show us your face.
Don′t be afraid of what they′ll......
Just close your eyes it′ll all be ok.
The damage they′ve caused, is it worth......
In Fear and Faith - The End
Hold strong come from behind.
Take them down!
Replace fear with pride, hold your ground
We′ve made our choice, between life......
In Fear and Faith - Silence Is Screaming
Please don′t betray me I′m down......
You can′t turn around and walk away.
Let me die another day.
I′ve come too far, to let this all......
In Fear and Faith - Live Love Die
Oh my God, somethings gone terribly wrong,
and I can′t find a way
Can someone...
My heart is racing faster
In Fear and Faith - No Chance Of Walking......
We all can′t be innocent.
So please don′t make me tell you......
Changing the rules, just so you can win.
Fool me once, it won′t happen again.
In Fear and Faith - There Be Pirates Among...
Fire the cannons to starboard side
We′ll take their ship and we′ll......
Take everything that your heart desires
We′ll never die

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The End — [In Fear and Faith] (28.10.2012)
Live Love Die — [In Fear and Faith] (28.10.2012)

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