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Ill Nino - Letting go
I still hear my voice
It′s calling in my head
But if I had only one choice
I′d leave it left unsaid
Ill Nino - Red Rain
[Peter Gabriel cover]

Red rain is coming down
Red rain
Ill Nino - 2012
We′re coming back again
This time to let you know
I don′t care where you′ve been
And I′m all ears (tonight)
Ill Nino - My Resurrection
O God, If There Ever Was A God
My Soul, If I Ever Had A Soul
Bring Forth This UnIlateral
Ill Nino - Arrastra
Converging my image to suit this disease
This face is just a mask to deceive you
(And I) Preserve my appearance for no one to......
And no one will ever believe you
Ill Nino - Me Gusta La Soledad
No me mires asi
Que no te hablo jamas
Y me gusta la soledad, soledad
No te quiero ver
Ill Nino - Cleansing
From guilt to dust
You think that I don′t want to hate......
I know that I never did like you
This is not another passing phrase
Ill Nino - What Comes Around
I hate you. i hate you - shut up

You think that i′m the one to blame
Everything i lose is just a piece of what......
Ill Nino - What You Deserve
It′s Too Bad That You
Have Made Mistakes
It′s Too Bad That I
Cannot Relate
Ill Nino - La Liberacion Of Our Awakening
I will feel so blessed
This kid of mine
Even was this water
Ill Nino - God Save Us
God save us!
This new life has brought us this new knife
It′s worthless and mindless to preach.......

Ill Nino - When it cuts
cannot justify your envy
But I will be understanding when you stay
Then I will satisfy you in every (way)
But I′m not feeling coherent when you......
Ill Nino - My Pleasant Torture
Is everything starting to crumble?
And all of my wrong was forgiven.
I ask you why?
Ill Nino - Zombie Eaters
[Faith No More cover]

You′re everything
That′s why I cling to you
Ill Nino - All I Ask For
Cause all that I ask for
Is turning to ashes
When everything comes down
There′s nothing to die for
Ill Nino - Territorial Pissings
[Nirvana cover]

When I was an alien,
Cultures weren′t opinions
Ill Nino - Compulsion Of Virus And Fever
Encima e las razas
With these eyes
From cielos above us
Ill Nino - No Murder
It′s time to take it back, i′m......

Me lo vas debar!
No murder! no murder! no murder!
Ill Nino - Rip Out Your Eyes
Your mind is awakening, your soul is......
Stop pissing away all the hours and days
Take one last look at me, this is what you......
If you keep on this way we will all turn to......
Ill Nino - Violent Saint
For now there′s no redeeming,
Self-conscience all-consuming,
All day my rage is burning,
These scars I wear I′m bearing.
Ill Nino - Pieces Of The Sun
I started to think
I′m starting to think
I′m constantly loosing, who you want......
You started to Die
Ill Nino - Formal Obsession
Like to welcome
They will all come
When we′re underground
Ill Nino - Unreal
Separate your mind
Overcome in time
I′m taking what is mine
Tenemos que pelear
Ill Nino - Guerrilla Carnival
No vale mas
Ya, la gente no se va
La gente vale
Ill Nino - Two
You think you′re so right
You think you know that
You think you know this
You think you know everything
Ill Nino - Re-Birth
Corre perro come mierda
This is what you get now
You think that you can get away
You little pig
Ill Nino - March Against Me
Every thing′s fine
I′m not gonna lie
Though you try to fight against me
I′m bored and I′m high
Ill Nino - Corazon Of Mine
Clench my fist tight
Make you act right
Si tu te piensas que tu gannas
Piensa otra ves
Ill Nino - Alibi Of Tyrants
They can′t get to me
I′m sitting in the back seat
Turn around, I grip my gun
To rise against the pigs
Ill Nino - Revolution/revolucion
We are given this knofe, now we′re......
The pact is made;
We sold our souls for nothing more
The strands of life were once frayed

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