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Ice Cube - No Vaseline
Got damn, I’m glad y’all set it off.
Used to be hard, now you’re just wet and......
First you was down with the ak,
And now I see you on a video with michel’le?......
Ice Cube - Check Yo Self
Intro: Das EFX

Yeah! Word is bond!
Das EFX in this yaknowhatI′msayin
Ice Cube - The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With
Godamn, it’s a brand new payback
From the straight, fucks the mack and......
How many muthafuckers gotta pay
Went to the shelf and dusted off the ak
Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
[Break me]
Just waking up in the morning gotta thank......
Ice Cube - You Can Do It
[Ice Cube]
Yeah, yeah
Get your ass and hurra
Uh, Ice Cube baby
Ice Cube - Extradition
(Ice Cube Talking)
Dear Mama, If some people came by the house......
I′m innocent of anything they say I......
Now I don′t know when I′ll be......
Ice Cube - Down For Whatever

I′m broke.
Ice Cube - 24 Wit An L
*originally appeared as a b-side to cube’s......

24 with an l, 24 years old and I got life in......

Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It
[Ice Cube]
Yeah... yeah!
Fool -- you know how we do it

Ice Cube - Us
Verse one:

Could you tell me who released our animal......
Got the white man sittin’ there tickled......
Ice Cube - Make It Ruff
Verse one:
Here′s another topic I′m......
so learn a quick lesson, about your Smith......
Sit your ass back and comprehend,
Ice Cube - 24 MC Hours
[ice cube]
Put the whoop on ’em (ice cube, a.k.a. don......
Put the whoop on ’em (a.k.a. poppa don)
Put the whoop on ’em (a.k.a. the big fish)
Ice Cube - The Gutter Shit
[Ice Cube]
I been servin′ niggas since 1985
Niggas want the gutter
Ice Cube, Jay-O Felony
Ice Cube - Friday
Verse one:
You know it ain’t no stoppin all tha doggs......
It’s friday night so everythang is poppin.
I got skin lets spin on da hand,
Ice Cube - My Loved One
Nigga ain’t tryin’ to do too much

All I wanna do is have fun with my loved......
Ice Cube - The Shot
[phones ringing, babies crying]

white guy: Hi how ya doin′ ?

Ice Cube - Roll All Day
[Ice Cube]
I got a full tank of unleaded {repeat x4

Now we could roll all day, if i could ride......
Ice Cube - Ghetto Vet
niggas used to come and get me
when it was time to disagree with an enemy
pass the hennessy it gives me energy
Ice Cube - Penitentiary
"Attention all nigga rows and nigga hoes
We′ve decided to rob this motherfucker......
Nobs injecting ourselves to become property......
In the penal system. In the justice system"
Ice Cube - Ghetto Bird
Verse One:

Why, oh why must you swoop through the hood
like everybody from the hood is up to no......
Ice Cube - The Nigga Ya Love To Hate
I heard payback’s a motherfucking nigga
That’s why I’m sick of gettin treated like a......
Fuck a punk cause I ain’t him
You gotta deal with the nine-double-limb
Ice Cube - Jackin For Beats

Wait a minute, hold on, get your ass up
Whassup nigga?
Ice Cube - Really Doe
"Ain′t nobody talkin when I′m......

{Slick Rick sample repeats in background:
Ice Cube - Let it Rain
Let it rain make it bang
Niggas in my ′hood sayin′
Fuck everythang
Ice Cube - Enemy

Every January 16th, it′s "The Dreamer,......
And all of you say, "I have a dream; The......
Ice Cube - Dead Homiez
Verse one:

Up early in the morning, dressed in black
Don’t ask why? ’cause I’m down in a suit and......
Ice Cube - How To Survive In South Central
"and now, the wonderous world of.."
"hey, come to los angeles!
You and your family can have peace and......
Enjoy the refinement.."
Ice Cube - Bop Gun
At these up late times, hardcore funkateers......
We unleash you a positive light. the bop gun......
It frees yo mind, so yo kind can follow.......

Ice Cube - True To The Game

It’s the nigga ya love to hate with a new......
So what really goes on
Ice Cube - Last Words
Ice cube′s in the mutha-fuckin′......
the nigga you love to hate
Ice cube′s in the mutha-fuckin′......
the nigga you love to hate

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