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Ian Van Dahl - Tears
The day you walked into my life
I opened up my heart to you.
...my heart to you.
I always thought that you and I
Ian Van Dahl - Try
Just stay here with me.
So you will see
Ian Van Dahl - Reason
I think it
Think it
Where is the love?
Are we gonna stay together
Ian Van Dahl - To Fall In Love
Hearts can be broken
Love turns into pain
Eyes can be blinded
Love fades away
Ian Van Dahl - Do You Feel The Same
There is something
You should know
Now I found you I won′t let go
All I′m asking
Ian Van Dahl - Secret Love
The night has no secrets...
when we are together.
Look into my eyes.
Ian Van Dahl - Crying
Lying in my bed but you are not here
Trying to be strong, I can′t stop my......
I keep crying for you
I keep longing for you
Ian Van Dahl - State Of Mind
Believe me
When life seems to fade in black and white
It′s never too late to change your......
Live to fight another day
Ian Van Dahl - Waiting 4 You
People tell me one day I′ll learn
Someone will give love in return
But all I can see, this picture of you
I pick up the phone but you′re not......
Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the sky
Do you ever question your life
Do you ever wonder why
Do you ever see in your dreams
All the castles in the sky
Ian Van Dahl - Be Mine
I wonna know where you are.
If only you could tell.
I wonna know where you are.
You′re more than everything to me.
Ian Van Dahl - My Own
I wonder where you are
I wonder where you go
I do really need you
I cannot make it on my own
Ian Van Dahl - Will I
Will I ever love you again?
Will we be together again?
Thought the love we had was strong...
and tell me what
Ian Van Dahl - Believe
You don′t have to worry
I′ll never leave your side
I know you′re feeling down
You′ve lost your faith in life
Ian Van Dahl - Without You
Did you ever mean the words you said
That forever you′d be mine
I′m trying hard to understand
Why you left it all behind
Ian Van Dahl - Time 2 Go
My heart is telling me to stay here
But my mind tells me to go
In the morning I won′t be here
If you need me let me know
Ian Van Dahl - Come 2 Me
The first time that I saw you
You blew my mind
You made me take a look inside
I couldn′t hide
Ian Van Dahl - After All
"I want to know just what you feel for......
After all this time I′m thinking:
"You′re gonna be the one......
I love you
Ian Van Dahl - Lonely
How about being lonely.
Gonna give my soul to you.
Like thousand lights shining on my skin.
Can you feel inside of me?
Ian Van Dahl - Nothing Left To Say
I can
I can
All our worries in time will fade away.
Ian Van Dahl - Walking Away
Another sleepless night
I open up my eyes
I found the reason why
I feel the time has come
Ian Van Dahl - Crazy
You opened up my eyes
Made me realize
You made me stronger
Ooh you changed my way of life
Ian Van Dahl - Inspiration
When your dreams are lost and blown away
and you need someone to make your day
I′ll be your inspiration

Ian Van Dahl - Satisfy Me
You always know just what to do
You satisfy me
You always know just what to say
You satisfy me
Ian Van Dahl - I Can′t Let You Go
Since you′re gone
Everything looks so empty
Without you
Nights are so cold
Ian Van Dahl - Where Are You Now?
Where are you now
Lie awake and wonder where you are tonight
How will I know
Search for a trace, I look around but......

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