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Hot Action Cop - Samuel L. Jackson
Naa na na naa na na naa na na naa, naaaaaaa
Uh uh uh huh huh uh uh huh uh uh uh huh
Naa na na naa na na naa na na naa, naaaaaaa
Hot Action Cop - Busted
Everybody knows trouble is easy to get
Burned out dealer to the teachers pet
For some fun there is always sex
Hiding in the corner like a shy t-rex
Hot Action Cop - In A Little While
Once in a good while,
Ya might find somebody to love you,
Kinda like ya momma,
Hot Action Cop - Alayal
Aww yeah,
The Hot Action comin′ at ya 2003,
Now what′s it gonna be?
Aww yeah,
Hot Action Cop - Fever For The Flava
Do you think that I can get some jiggy jiggy
Maybe gets a little finger sticky sticky
You my electrical lip balm flavor
I gotta do ya until the next song saves ya
Hot Action Cop - Face Around
Aww way back in the day when I was still......
Barely hip to the hopper Run DMC,
Me ′n my main man Perez,
Kickin′ back with a six pack of......
Hot Action Cop - Show Her
She got me cursed like the Kennedies,
I′m trippin′ like a freak,
Strokin′ on her solar plexus,
Tickle behind the knee,
Hot Action Cop - Doom Boom
Forget about the party shit′s in......
And I don′t feel like drivin′......
We gotta house party over here in the place,
With all the local honey drippin′ up......
Hot Action Cop - Club Slut
Chicka chicka ahh,
Chicka chicka ahh…

You say you want you a club slut who got the......
Hot Action Cop - The Special
Oh well,
From my parked car window on the passenger......
She be leanin′ over to me......
With the tear drops fallin′ from her......
Hot Action Cop - Why Judy
It′s like it always rains when I run......
The chitter chatter′s got me......
And I feel like I′m scattered now,
I′m battered,
Hot Action Cop - Goin′ Down On It
Uh uh…
Wha wha?
Zoom boom boom boom,
Hot Action Cop - Don′t Want Her To Stay
Yeah yeah yeah,
Yo every time she wanna do it like she want......
Maybe then we gettin′ freaky but then......
You so hot,

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